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Some sports equipment can only be recognized as such at second glance. When it comes to skill and strength training, climbing poles in the sports hall do a great job. Children and young people in particular are happy to take on the challenge of these climbing devices. Like wall bars and lattice ladders, they belong to the classic built-in devices in gyms.

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The climbing pole as sports equipment

For which sport is the climbing pole suitable?

The sports equipment itself is not used for competitions. It can be used to prepare and train important physical properties for other sports. Above all, strength, condition and balance are promoted on a climbing pole. Climbing poles are also often installed in movement landscapes and courses during physical education.

What is the best way to get up a climbing pole?

The athlete is standing in front of the bar. One hand grips the bar slightly above the head with a firm grip, the other hand slightly below. The body is pulled up a bit with both hands and the legs immediately wrap around the climbing pole. Now the upward thrust takes place in a coordinated sequence of movements. To do this, both legs are tightened as when swimming, but the feet remain firmly on the bar. The hands now pull the body upwards, supported by the lower body.

What types of climbing poles are there?

Climbing poles belong to the category of gymnastic equipment and are often used by schools and clubs in gyms. This means that they are subject to specified safety standards with regard to the material, quality and anchoring. Usually galvanized steel pipes are used, the surface is powder-coated. Ground sleeves are used for anchoring, which are placed at fixed points in the hall floor. To store the climbing poles, two different systems are usually used:

Climbing poles with mechanical structure

Here the climbing frame is unhooked after use and rolled onto the wall using swivel castors. Appropriate wall mounting must be provided during installation.

Climbing poles with electrical construction

The climbing frame can be pulled up after use with an electric cable winch. Due to the existing electrical system and the cable, the maintenance work is somewhat higher, but the storage is more practical. A fall protection is also important, which must be provided for during installation.

Areas of application and cleaning

Climbing poles can be integrated in the following environments:

  • Installations with rope ladder and / or climbing wall
  • Climbing facility
  • Climbing rope or climbing rope
  • It is important to always use monkey bars with appropriate fall protection

Only non-greasy and non-paint-attacking cleaning agents may be used for cleaning. Cleaning must be carried out after each use, unless the manufacturer has determined otherwise.