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Kübler Sport is presenting various mobile timekeeping stairs made of aluminum, fully welded or dismantled, as well as various spectator stands and grandstand seats. With the stadium stands, the spectators have an optimal view of the action, but timekeepers also get a perfect overview of the field through the timekeeper stairs. The stadium seats are either staggered or mounted in a row. For the spectators there are lightweight stands made of aluminum, which are particularly suitable for small clubs or side seats. They can be used flexibly and are an inexpensive alternative to permanently installed stands. For permanently installed grandstands, we offer robust, high-quality grandstand seats in various sizes!

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High-quality and robust stands for stadiums and sports fields

What distinguishes a good stadium stand?

There must be seating for spectators in every stadium or on every sports field. The stadium stands must provide the spectators with an optimal view of the field and at the same time offer comfortable seating. Especially in the outdoor area, the stadium grandstands and the stadium grandstand seats should be weatherproof and, above all, be resistant to UV radiation. At Kübler Sport you will find all the right products for your stadium:

  • Stands for spectators
  • Stadium grandstand seats
  • Timekeeping stairs

Buying stands for sports fields

We offer flexible stands made of robust aluminum. These are particularly suitable for use on adjacent places and represent a cheap alternative to permanently installed grandstands. The sports field stand is characterized by its quick assembly and dismantling and is made of an absolutely robust and weatherproof construction. You can add more stands onto it at any time!

Discover the stadium grandstand seat

Our grandstand seats are available in different sizes and they offer optimal seating comfort. The ergonomic backrest relieves the lower back. The seats are impact resistant, UV and temperature resistant and have a water drain. This avoids a wet bum. Thanks to the robust polypropylene material, the stadium seats can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The attachment points are protected against vandalism. You can order the seats in different colors in our online shop.

Buying timekeeping stairs for your stadium

The time is often measured manually by a timekeeper or trainer during competitions, but also during training. For an accurate measurement, the timekeepers need an optimal overview of the playing field. The Kübler Sport timekeeping stand can be used flexibly and can be moved. The stand has staggered seats so that an optimal measurement is given even with several timers. The timekeeping stand is very easy to transport thanks to its extra wide wheels and the included lifting roller!