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Stadium seats or grandstand seats have to fulfill several functions or have properties: On the one hand, they offer a high level of comfort or seating comfort for the seat shell or the seating surface for the spectators, and on the other hand they have to be very resilient and weatherproof against any weather. In our shop you will find different models of stadium seats (with or without a backrest) in great colors. Discover the right seats for your grandstand from well-known manufacturers and easily order the grandstand seats online in our shop!

Resilient & weatherproof stadium seats with maximum seating comfort

What are the characteristics of a stadium seat?

All stadiums, every sports field, as well as many soccer fields need enough seating or seating or seats. A stadium seat or grandstand seat must be very versatile. On the one hand, the grandstand seat should be very comfortable so that spectators and visitors can feel comfortable and comfortable even during long games (ideally no seat cushions are required). On the other hand, stadium seats have to withstand the harsh weather conditions or the conditions in the outdoor area (impact-resistant and flame-retardant). Not every grandstand has a roof, which is why the grandstand seats have to defy wind and weather and must not lose their colour with intensive UV radiation. With us you will not find any folding seats for a stadium or for the grandstand. Ergonomically shaped seat shells or stadium seats on the edge of a soccer field are usually more comfortable than a bench or bench or some chairs.


Buying stadium seats

The stadium seats in our shop include the following properties or advantages:

  • Weatherproof
  • High quality materials (injection molded polypropylene, PVC or plastic)
  • High comfort of the ergonomically shaped seat shells or the seat surface (comfortable to sit on, no seat cushions are required)
  • Different products, designs or models of stadium seats or grandstand seats (models with backrest, without backrest, with long backrest, with short backrest), but no folding seats
  • Different seat colours available
  • High stability
  • Good rainwater drainage
  • Quick & easy installation of the seats at the attachment points on any surface
  • Flame retardant & impact resistant
  • Vandalism sure
  • According to the DIN norm
  • Simple screw connection (self-assembly possible)
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