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Line Marking Machine are used to apply field markings. A basic distinction is made between the wet and dry marking processes. Depending on the surface of the field to be marked and its size, different models are available. Find the right Line Marking Machine for your field markings now.

Line Marking Machine for precise field boundaries

Whether football game, athletics or indoor sports, many sports are not only subject to a fascinating dynamic, but also numerous rules of the game. The field marking on a field or track is part of these rules. In this way, every sports participant and referee knows where he is and what action is allowed. Sports field markings must also have the following properties:

  • well visible
  • hard-wearing
  • weatherproof

A sports field marking is applied with a Line Marking Machine (often also called a Line Marking Machine). This is pushed over the sports field, the spraying of the paint can be controlled with a hand lever. In addition, many models allow the line width to be set, sometimes even in direct operation. Depending on the size of the sports field, the capacity of the marking paint per car should be considered. A Line Marking Machine is definitely part of the basic equipment for sports field requirements, as the lines have to be constantly renewed by the groundsman.

What types of Line Marking Machines are available and how do they differ?

Dry Line Marking Machine

In the case of a dry Line Marking Machine, also known as a chalk car, the marking is done with a sports field chalk, lime or plaster. This spreading material is distributed using a brush system or a vibrating screen. This method is suitable for lawn and gravel tracks and lasts up to several weeks. The marking paint used is harmless and environmentally friendly.

Wet Line Marking Machine

The marking with a wet Line Marking Machine is applied using a liquid paint. The color distribution takes place via a pump or roller system and is applied with a color pressure roller or a spray nozzle. This method is suitable for lawn and hard courts, but also for synthetic tracks.

How is a Line Marking Machine cleaned?

With a dry Line Marking Machine, the marking material can remain in the trolley in a dry environment. Complete emptying is not recommended until autumn, due to the increased humidity. Cleaning with a wet Line Marking Machine is more complex. After each use, the paint must be removed and the pipes flushed with water, otherwise the systems can become blocked.

What spare parts and accessories are there for Line Marking Machines?

Whether pump, nozzle or spare wheel, a comprehensive range of spare parts is available for marking vehicles just in case. Guidelines or grass implants from Plifix, for example, are also suitable as marking aids so that straight lines can be traced.

Areas of application for Line Marking Machines

The Line Marking Machine on a sports field is part of the basic equipment. Because without marking the playing field or the running track, no sporting competition is possible. This applies to stadiums as well as the numerous hard courts. The individual player or athlete must know whether he is in the penalty area or running into another athlete's career. The spectators can cheer when the ball lands behind the goal line. Accordingly, the specific field lines must be applied with a Line Marking Machine for each sport.

In the case of lawns, usually only the markings of the most practiced sport are attached. This is often dictated by the local clubs, so most sports fields in Germany are equipped with a soccer field. But of course there are also other lawn sports such as rugby, American football or field hockey. Since a lawn grows back and the structure changes continuously, sports field markings from lawn areas have to be traced more often with the Line Marking Machinet. There is also a choice of special lawn marking paint that glows more strongly on the green.

Hard courts of schools and municipalities are often equipped with field markings for several sports. Due to the hard surface and the mostly smaller playing field, the courts are suitable for several sports, for example also for basketball or handball. To enable multiple use, the lines are applied in different colors with the Line Marking Machine, which stand out better on the granules of the floor thanks to the higher contrast compared to a lawn.

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