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Ground sleeve made of full plastic
Ground sleeve made of full plastic
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Corner poles and corner flags are the must-have for every soccer field. Both elements not only mark the field, but also provide visual guidance for players and the referee. In our shop you will find various flagpoles for corner flags with e.g. an articulated joint, as well as any accessories, such as a bunting.

Robust and high-quality corner poles and corner flags

Corner poles and corner flags

Corner flags are used next to a goal on every soccer field of a sports field. Corner flags or corner poles delimit a soccer field on a sports field (but also for other sports in the field of team sports) and with their flag they serve as an orientation for every player and referee in many sports in the field of team sports. The corner bar with flag is located in every corner on the sideline of a soccer field and thus completes the sports field markings. By placing corner flags, a corner kick can be carried out easily. In our online shop there are not only different Corner poles and corner flags with a differentiated diameter or pole diameter available, but also all accessories for the assembly and disassembly of the corner flags.

Discover a high product range at Kübler Sport

The corner flags must have a minimum height of 1.50 m and must not be pointed. The boundary poles are available in different sizes, with different pole diameters and matching corner flags in different colors. The rods are made of elastic plastic and are therefore particularly resilient and are attached to the floor using a ground sleeve. New models have a special articulated joint, so that the limiting rod is flexible on all sides. The advantage of these corner flags is that they give in on contact and thus minimize the risk of injury to the players. If the player falls against it, the bar immediately bends and then straightens up again on its own.

Buying corner flags

There are corner flags on every corner of every soccer field. They mark the playing field and serve as visual orientation. Corner flags are not only used as required on a soccer field in the Bundesliga, but also on the soccer field in the district league corner flags have to be used. Thus, the corner flags next to a goal in clubs must not be missing. As a rule, the flags are made of polyester and appear in the colors yellow or red-white. The material polyester means that the corner flags or the flagpoles on the side line are very weather-resistant and robust. The flags from Kübler Sport are particularly characterized by their tear-resistant fabric. The flags can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Accessories for corner flags & coner poles

Accessories: At Kübler Sport you will also find any accessories for club needs or sports field requirements that you need for building or fastening the corner flag into the ground. Accessories include:

  • Ground sleeve
  • Flag holder clip for corner flags
  • Ground sleeve for border poles
  • Flagpole

Order the right corner flag for your club needs or sports field needs for use in team sports, so that your club is optimally equipped for the next game in the Bundesliga or at the next training session at the goal and the sports field marking is completed by using corner flags.

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