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High quality multisport scoreboards - The days of manual displays or score indicators are over! The multisport scoreboard or automatic scoreboard in our shop does not only facilitate the process and operation in competition and training, but are also of high quality and can be used in various sports - like team sports and ball sports, e.g. basketball, badminton, handball, table tennis, judo , Karate, boxing, ice hockey, wrestling, badminton or volleyball. Discover our large selection of great multisport scoreboards and order the multisport scoreboard conveniently online.

High quality multisport scoreboards applicable for many sports

Scoreboards during an sports event

Scoreboards are part of normal operation, especially for ball sports or team sports. Manual and automatic scoreboards are used in sports to display results in competitions or tournaments as well as for further specific information (depending on the respective sport). Scoreboards are not only highly informative for the athlete or the teams, but the athletes can also get information about the score and the remaining playing time at any time during the game. Thus, the advertisement fulfills an important time service for the athlete and spectator.


What kind of scoreboards exist?

There are manual and automatic displays for scoreboards and sports scoreboards. The manual information boards have ring binders. The display is done by exchanging the boards or scoreboards. Automatic sports ads or multisport ads are very helpful, especially in fast sports (e.g. with many goals or changes in the score), as well as in events involving several sports at the same time. The multisport displays indicate the game status or a status display and the information about the game or sport computer-controlled (automatically) or at the push of a button and have numerous other integrated functions (e.g. cloth clock function or signal tone for repetitions or end of the game period). The multisport displays are displayed via high-quality LEDs and with a digit height of 7.10 & 12 cm. Multisport displays are permanently installed on the wall in most sports halls and are part of the basic equipment and normal operation in most sports halls and gyms.


Buying a multisport scoreboard

Most multisport displays (MSA) consist of a robust, impact-resistant & lightweight plastic housing and the display or status display is done via LEDs. The multisport displays (MSA) are available in different versions:

  • Mobile scoreboards with and without handle
  • Stationary multisport scoreboards

Stationary multisport displays, as the name suggests, are permanently installed or mounted on the hall wall. Mobile multisport ads with e.g. a handle (convenient as a table unit) can be moved flexibly and individually to any location due to its low weight. However, you must note whether the mobile multisport display is operated via a cable (connection to a socket required) or via batteries (without connection to a power source). Because that has an impact on whether the multisport display can be used indoors and / or outdoors. When purchasing the multisport display, you must also note the sports or ball sports for which the scoreboard can be used and for which sports the multisport display is pre-programmed. Multisport displays often have several control panels on the back. This means that the multisport display has on the one hand a control panel or main control panel for controlling the main functions (e.g. playing time or time service) and on the other hand a control panel on the back for controlling and displaying errors and points (the fouls control panel) , In addition, the multisport displays often have a stopwatch function. Multi-sport displays can also be very helpful in training with interval training (because of the stopwatch function).


Buying a multisport scoreboard at Kübler Sport

The multisport ads in our shop are not only characterized by the general advantages of an (automatic) multisport ad, but also by the following advantages:

  • Can be used or programmed for many sports
  • Good readability of the text display or the text display and digits from every viewing angle and long ranges
  • Different control options
  • Different models with regard to the dimensions of the plastic housing (also as a table device)
  • High quality LEDs in a plastic housing
  • Light weight & simple operation
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality materials (e.g. plastic housing made of polycarbonate)
  • Anti-glare & impact-resistant display
  • Ball impact resistant & robust
  • Safe display of the game time or reliable time service
  • Different number heights
  • Display of specific integrated, pre-programmed information or digits or functions, e.g. Penalty times or a stopwatch function (therefore also well suited for interval training)
  • Display of additional, pre-programmed information, e.g. individual penalty times, foul display or text display or text display for sponsors or advertising
  • Long lifespan in normal operation (10 years & more)
  • With integrated signal tone for repetitions or the end of a game period

In our assortment you will find a large selection of multisport ads with good readability of text display and numbers from every viewing angle and with this selection every sports club and every athlete of different ball or team sports (e.g. handball, basketball, volleyball, judo, karate, Ice hockey, boxing, table tennis, badminton, wrestling) in the indoor and outdoor area.

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