Erzi® Slackspot CROSS


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Erzi® Slackspot CROSS

Slack spot - the clever Slack system for children up to 12 years and a body weight of 60 kg! Whether at home in the nursery, in kindergarten or daycare - Slack spots can be placed anywhere freely without additional anchoring or fixing points. In addition, the low balancing height ensures adequate security without assistance or use of a fall protection.

Erzi Slack Spot balance systems are available in different versions, depending on demand and available space:

- Erzi Slack Spot BASIC (item no. D5490)

- Erzi Slack Spot DOUBLE (item no. D5491)

- Erzi Slack Spot CROSS (item no. D5494)

- Erzi Slack Spot SQUARE (item no. D5493)

- Erzi Slack Spot TRAIL (item no. D5489)
4 Children can balancing at the same time on the slackline.
Dimensions 253 x 253 x 11 cm. Caution: Recommended or children up to 12 years or 60 kg. No toy! Sports equipment!
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