Erzi® Balance Walking Path Nature, Set


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Erzi® Balance Walking Path Nature, Set

Great balance and coordination course with 6 different wooden balance boards. The balancing boards have sensory motor effects and promote balance, equilibrium, and motor skills. The balance board can be used as a course. With various surfaces with inclined planes, small and large obstacles, fixed and movable parts, balancing takes on a new dimension.

Children and teenagers create their own paths, both alone and in groups. This playfully promotes imagination, sense of balance, motor skills, and perception. Have fun on the balance walking path.

The Balancer Walking Path Nature set consists of the following balance boards: Pebble Beach, Branches, Forest Floor, Material Mix, Fieldstone, and ZEHner Step.

For more information on each balance board, please see the respective products. Each balancing board has different advantages and special characteristics. When combined with the Rocky Rocker, it creates a great movement course for children and teenagers.


- Dimensions per balance board (LxWxH): approximately 190 x 24 x 8.5 cm
- Material of balance boards: Birch plywood, lacquered
- Load capacity: up to approximately 120 kg
- Total weight: approximately 46 kg
- Suitable for sports and therapy in schools and kindergartens
- Made in Germany


- Various structures for maximum perception
- Combination of the focal points: motor skills, balance, and activity
- Training course for movement, balance, and coordination consisting of 6 stations. Great for barefoot expeditions!


The Erzi balancing boards can be attached to various sports equipment and the monkey bars. When attaching to the monkey bars, please note the maximum diameter of 35 mm of the rungs. Additional products for attachment are: Sport cube (P7706), common trapeze blocks (P7707), common vaulting boxes with a cut-out lid.

Made from renewable raw material

This product is partly or completely made of organic raw materials obtained from agricultural and forestry production.

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