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Sports certificates: awards for outstanding performance

At the end of each competition, the awards are waiting for all sports. While trophies and medals are usually awarded in competitions with adults, certificates are particularly popular with children and young people. Certificates are used in sport to reward outstanding performance or simply participation. Certificates are always used at the annual Bundesjugendspiele, the sports festival par excellence at German schools.

What types of certificates are there in sport?

Honorary certificates in sport are primarily a testament to an outstanding achievement. They are therefore awarded in particular to the athletes who end up in a top position. However, it has become established that all participants receive a certificate, especially in children's and youth sports and physical education classes. The certificate of participation in the federal youth games certifies the successful effort to achieve a good placement and is therefore motivation and praise at the same time.

At the federal youth games in school sports, the awarding of certificates is regulated as follows depending on the number of points achieved, i.e. performance:

  • Certificate of honor for the top 20%
  • Certificate for the middle 50%
  • Certificate of participation for the remaining 30%

Certificates for special individual achievements are also widespread. For example, the best goal scorer in football or the fairest player in the tournament are honored.

How can certificates be customized?

The certificate in sport is only a basic framework. The lettering creates individuality. Sports clubs or teachers make each certificate template unique with different fonts and colors. The signature of the person awarding the certificates is the icing on the cake.

What are the dimensions of sports certificates?

The most common is the A4 format for the certificate in sports. Such a certificate can be individualized with common printers. A4 certificates are particularly useful for students who take part in the national youth games, as they can be transported undamaged. It is also easy to find a suitable frame for the certificate. A smaller and equally common version is the certificate in DIN A5 format.

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