CHATTANOOGA® Intelect® NEO with electrical stimulation, EMG/sEMG, ultrasound, vacuum


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Ideal for use in therapeutic facilities.

CHATTANOOGA® Intelect® NEO with electrical stimulation, EMG/sEMG, ultrasound, vacuum

Intelect Neo is the new therapy standard in physical medicine.

The Chattanooga Intelect Neo with Electro- EMG/sEMG, ultrasound, and vacuum modules consists of the following components:

Base system Intelect Neo with touchscreen and 2 mounts, Electrotherapy module with 2 channels and EMG/sEMG biofeedback module, Ultrasound therapy module, 1x 2cm² ultrasound applicator, Vacuum module, and therapy system cart with convenient drawers.

With the NEO System from Chattanooga, you have the option to retrofit various modules at any time using Plug & Play.


- 26.4 cm LCD color display
- Power supply: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
- Dimensions of tabletop device: 40x40x56 cm
- Dimensions with trolley: 61x67x134 cm


- Modular combination device with electrical, ultrasound, and laser functions
- Modules can also be retrofitted at any time
- CPS function: guides through all device and therapy functions
- Over 30 clinical waveforms
- Extensive database with clinical studies and explanations
- Simultaneous treatment of up to 3 people possible
The CPS consists of a series of protocol presets and guides you through all device and therapy functions. Based on your patients' individual indications, the software automatically suggests the appropriate therapy program. The therapy suggestions are supported by relevant studies, allowing you to practice evidence-based therapy. The precise application of electrodes is also shown. Explanations and expert knowledge can be accessed at any time in the library and shown to the patient.

Waveforms: Interference, Russian, Galvanic, Monophasic, TENS, Iontophoresis, VMS, Diadynamic, Pulsed High Voltage Current, Microcurrent, Traebert/Ultra-Reiz, Shock/Faradic Current, Ultrasound, S/D Curve.

Product meets the requirements of the Medical Product Act (MPG)
Classification according to Directive 93/42 / EEC:
Class IIa

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