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Neck muscles, back muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps: For muscle building and rehabilitation, individual muscles or muscle groups sometimes have to be trained in isolation. This is achieved with the strength training equipment from the manufacturer excio, which develops and builds special products for time-saving circuit training. In doing so, excio pays particular attention to meeting the highest demands in terms of usability and safety, so that nothing stands in the way of maximum training success with little expenditure of time.

excio - training equipment for high demands

High quality devices, produced in Germany

Excio training devices are manufactured in Germany and are the result of many years of development. The manufacturer puts all its know-how from many years of experience into these devices, which are constantly being revised and further improved. The devices are for

  • Physiotherapy,
  • Gyms,
  • Seniors facilities,
  • Clinics and Health Centers as well
  • Hotels and spa facilities

equally suitable. They are even used for company fitness.

excio circuit for comprehensive strength training

Of course, all excio strength training devices are suitable for circuit training as well as individual devices. Nevertheless, the devices can be easily combined with each other and integrated into an existing device pool. Depending on the training concept, six to ten devices are completely sufficient to achieve a positive training effect with continuous movement sequences and to stress the cardiovascular system accordingly: Such a small circuit is built on an area of ​​only 28 square meters. The strength machines work with hydraulic resistance and offer the muscles an extremely even effort. The turning point is very gentle. All exercisers benefit from this, but this is particularly pleasant for seniors and health-oriented exercisers.

What is special about the machines from excio is that two antagonistic muscle groups are trained at the same time on each individual machine. The resistance is set separately for each training direction. An individual adjustment to the personal training goals, for example to the upper body during chest press, and fat burning is very easy.

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