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Children already love jumping on the trampoline. There is often the opportunity to use a trampoline in kindergartens and schools. In clubs, athletes need particularly high-quality models for trampoline gymnastics, and only the best competition trampolines can be sufficient for competitions. The well-known company Eurotramp provides suitable equipment for all trampoline fans. No matter whether for children or adults, whether a small or large trampoline, there is a suitable variant for everyone. If you want to buy a trampoline from Eurotramp, you choose quality.

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Eurotramp - trampolines for competition & training of the highest quality

Why Eurotramp is the right choice

If you are looking for large trampolines, competition trampolines or a mini trampoline with a suitable full cover, you will quickly find it at Eurotramp. Water or floor trampolines are ideal for kindergarten, school, clubs and also for competitions.

After all, the well-known Eurotramp brand has decades of experience and uses the most modern technologies in the manufacture of trampolines. At the same time, the company does not rely on proven manufacturing methods, but is constantly developing new possibilities and ideas.

Furthermore, the brand is 100 percent Made in Germany and stands for first-class craftsmanship, fair working conditions and the highest standards. Trampolines with suitable full covers from Eurotramp have already been used at numerous Olympic Games and other competitions.

The certified trampolines are a milestone for trampoline gymnastics in terms of usability, safety, stability and durability. The jumping bed (mesh fabric) consists of either nylon or polyester with sewn-in pins and steel springs for optimal dynamics and durability. The laser-cut frame construction that keeps the jumping mat in shape ensures even more safety.

In addition, there are of course the right accessories for the Eurotramp trampolines in the form of frame pads, full covers or lifting roller stands. Full covers are frame cushion covers that are very shock-absorbing and robust. Lifting roller stands greatly simplify the assembly and dismantling of large trampolines and reduce the transport height.

Which trampolines are there at Eurotramp?

The following trampolines & accessories can be found in the Eurotramp range:

  • Large equipment: Suitable for competition, club and school sports
  • Double mini tramp: suitable for club and competitive sports
  • Minitramps: Can be used for schools, clubs, acrobatics and competitions
  • Booster Board: Combination of trampoline and springboard
  • Trampoline tracks: For preparation, methodology and acrobatic training
  • Playground and kindergarten trampolines
  • Outdoor trampolines / garden trampolines / floor trampolines: For use outdoors
  • Underwater trampolines
  • Fitness trampolines: For individual use to promote health
  • Full covers
  • Roll stand

The successful history of the Eurotramp company

Eurotramp was founded in 1960 by Kurt and Rose Hack in Göppingen as a small craft business. Right from the start, the two founders set themselves an ambitious goal: their trampolines should be of the highest quality and best in the world. In 1972, Eurotramp developed into a medium-sized company and equipped the trampoline world championships for the first time.

In 2000, Eurotramp trampolines were used at the Sydney Olympics. Eurotramp trampolines were also selected for the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.