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BellaBambi convinces with professional physiotherapy equipment that can also be used in the leisure environment. The brand is particularly known for its flexible cupping bells, which are available in different strengths.

BellaBambi: fascia training for medical practices, clubs & at home

Sporty activities as well as long sitting in the office, hectic everyday life or pregnancy challenge our body. The consequences are sore muscles, persistent tension or unsightly stretch marks and sagging connective tissue. If you want to support the healing of the body, you can use cupping bells like the innovative BellaBambi Cups. The smart massage bells make targeted use of the tried and tested concept of creating. This makes it possible to alleviate patient pain sustainably and to improve one's own ability to regenerate through better blood circulation.

What is BellaBambi?

The BellaBambi brand belongs to the renowned Bamberg group of companies based in Gundelfingen. The innovative company is particularly known for its high-quality massage solutions, which are used in both professional and private areas. Products from Bamberger Wellness GmbH can be found, for example, in physiotherapists, massage therapists and in fitness studios, in therapeutic practices or in wellness centers. The BellaBambi product line includes cupping bells made of silicone, which are available in different intensities. In contrast to conventional cupping glasses, they are much more flexible and easier to use. BellaBambi is particularly suitable for the treatment of:

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Tension
  • Sore muscles

In addition, the cupping bells can be used as an anti-stress ball as well as for massages and cosmetic applications such as peelings.

How is BellaBambi used?

BellaBambi uses the positive properties of traditional cupping therapy. When used, the cups create a negative pressure on the skin, which raises the fascia layer. This enables loosening of glued fascia and at the same time stimulates blood circulation and the exchange of substances in the skin layers. In addition, BellaBambi accelerates regeneration and ensures greater well-being and suppleness. In combination with massage oil, the cups can also be used for massage, whereby the oil can be optimally massaged into the skin by gentle stroking movements.

For whom is BellaBambi for?

Due to the different versions, BellaBambi is suitable for a wide range of applications and body areas, such as for treating stretch marks, tension or cellulite. Both athletes, older people and children benefit from the effects of BellaBambi. The targeted therapy promotes lymph flow and also leads to an improved complexion. The cups also provide the ideal introduction to fascia therapy. Regular applications can be carried out not only in therapeutic practices, but also in your own four walls.

In what versions is BellaBambi available?

The handy suction cups are available in four different versions. The suction strength can also be regulated by the intensity of the compression. This allows individual therapies, whereby particularly stressed parts of the body can be treated and revitalized. The following versions are currently available:

  • BellaBambi Sensitive
  • BellaBambi Regular
  • BellaBambi Active
  • BellaBambi Intense

The products are available in different sizes for maximum therapy success. The BellaBambi Minis are particularly suitable for applications in the area of hands, feet and face scrubs. The strongest version of the popular suction cups, BellaBambi Intense, is again optimal when it comes to strengthening the connective tissue and treating muscle tension.

Is BellaBambi permanently skin-friendly?

BellaBambi is dermatologically tested, biocompatible and dishwasher-safe. The colorful cupping bells are made from natural quartz sand in Germany and contain no allergens. Therefore, the products are permanently skin-friendly and can also be used safely in children.

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