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Who produces these wonderful balls for ball sports? Exactly those sports balls that some football or basketball fans are enthusiastic about? One of the manufacturers is the family company BAD BOYZ BALLFABRIK e.K. based in Nuremberg. The company manufactures its products as FAIRTRADE products and relies on social competence, fair trade and procurement at its manufacturing facilities.

BAD BOYZ: We just want to play fair

History of the company BAD BOYZ

The company BAD BOYZ BALLFABRIK e.K. was founded in 2012. The owner is Alena Weber, who runs the family business together with Peter Weber. Peter Weber is no stranger to the sporting goods industry. He has been in the industry since 1975 and has a high level of expertise in ball production. All products are manufactured and sold under the registered trademark "BAD BOYZ SOCCER".

Product range from BAD BOYZ

Both individually designed balls and series products are manufactured. The ball range includes the following sports areas:

  • Soccer
  • Handball
  • Volleyball / beach volleyball
  • Dodgeball

All sports balls are offered in three quality levels:

  • Training ball
  • Leisure ball
  • Match ball

A further subdivision of the respective product category can be found in the "Indoor" and "Outdoor" labels. Special balls for physical education are made for schools and clubs.

Quality and standards

The high quality standards of BAD BOYZ are evident in the use of the ball seams and the standard. Production is carried out according to the specifications of the following organizations:

  • FIFA for football
  • IHF for handball
  • DVV for volleyball
  • DTB for the dodgeball area

PU leather without PVC or synthetic suede is used as the upper material. Depending on the use and load limit of the ball, other materials are also used.

Known products

With the football product line "RETRO" a replica of the World Cup ball from 1954 is offered. However, it is not suitable for gaming. The football "FOOTZ DARLING" has been tested by FIFA as part of a quality program and has been certified according to the International Matchball Standard (IMS).


Part of the range is based on FAIRTRADE certified balls. Specified standards in production are checked, such as working conditions and a fair wage in the production plants. The certified balls are distributed through the Weltladen association.

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