BIOSWING Posturomed® Reha-Modul


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medical_trainingsequipmentTraining devices approved according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG) which are specially designed for use on patients.therapyIdeal for use in therapeutic facilities.

BIOSWING Posturomed® Reha-Modul

With the BIOSWING reha-modul, direction-oriented stabilization exercises can be performed on the Posturomed 202. Allow the trainee to train in a closed movement chain in high-frequency muscle synergism and improve his stabilization and balance.

In use, the lower extremities are partially relieved, whereby the reha-modul can already be used in an early postoperative rehabilitation phase. The practitioner is stable with one leg on the fixation element above the therapy surface. With the other leg he stands on the unstable pushing element. With the help of the intervention pull or a cable pulling device, the patient can additionally work against a resistance.

- For stabilization exercises
- Can be used in the postoperative rehabilitation phase
- For Bioswing Posturomed 202

Once the Rehamodul is mounted, it can be easily and easily attached to the Posturomed with the plug-in system. Combine the reha-modul with additional accessories to generate even more varied therapy possibilities.

Make full use of the reha-modul. In the case of the application, a visual feedback is necessary to ensure compliance with the directions of movement specified by the therapist. This can be achieved mechanically via the Posturomed accessory feedback module or electronically via the MicroSwing measuring system.
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