Beach-Handball Band System BH2

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Beach-Handball Band System BH2

The beach handball band system in official size, this corresponds to a playing field of
27 x 12 meters, is approved by the associations EHF & IHF (DHB, the german Assosciation, belongs to both associations). The lines are made of an elastic band and are fixed by means of iron hooks and a rope deep in the sand or another soft ground, for
example grass. Beach handball is now almost part in every summer preparation for women, men or
the youth, because you can connect stamina exercises, due to the deep sand floor, with fun.

The system includes:
- 2 x elastic, flat tapes, length 27 meters each (outer lines)
- 4 x elastic, flat ribbons, length 4,50 m each (basic lines)
- 2 x elastic, flat tapes, length 12 meters each (gate clearance)
- 12 x anchor with rope attachment
- 1 x netting pocket
- 12 m measuring cable
- 27 m measuring cable

Product information
Package length
40.1 cm
Package width
38.8 cm
Package height
22.3 cm
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