Beach Handball Band System BH2

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Beach Handball Band System BH2

The Beach Handball band system is in official size, which corresponds to a playing field of 27 x 12 meters, and is approved by the EHF & IHF associations (DHB is a member of both associations). The lines (4 cm wide) are made of elastic bands and are secured deep in the sand or other soft surfaces, such as grass, using iron hooks and a rope.

Beach Handball has now become an integral part of summer preparations for women, men, and youth, as it allows for combining conditioning with fun due to the deep sand surface.

Beach handball

Beach handball is a variation of indoor handball and is also played with special beach handballs. You can purchase these from us as well (ball sizes: youth, women & men). Like many other beach sports, beach handball is played without shoes. The rules are slightly different from traditional handball. Dribbling the ball, due to the sand surface, is not allowed. The goal area, for example, is rectangular instead of circular. In addition, goals can be worth more than one point if scored by the goalkeeper or with a Kempa trick, for example.
Official tournaments and the German Beach Handball Tour, organized by the German Handball Association (DHB), have been taking place since 2015.

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- 2 x elastic, flat bands, length each 27 meters (sidelines)
- 4 x elastic, flat bands, length each 4.50 meters (baselines)
- 2 x elastic, flat bands, length each 12 meters (goal area boundaries)
- 12 x anchors with rope attachment
- 1 x net bag
- 12 meters measuring rope
- 27 meters measuring rope

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