Base Frame for 4-Station-Tower


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Base Frame for 4-Station-Tower

4-station-tower that cannot be missing in any fitness center. The fitness stations of the Body Solid Pro Dual Series are ideal for use in smaller fitness centers. By combining two exercises in one machine, it’s a good financial deal for you. This can only be done with the individually designed 4-station trainer. This means that 4 people can train independently in a limited space. The individual freestanding units are equipped with one, the basic frame with four weight blocks of 95 kg each.


4 persons train simultaneously at 4 stations on a close area!
The shown tower consists of the base frame and the modules:
- vertical chestpress with lat pulley
- butterfly
- cable pulley and
- leg extension/leg curl
Measurement of the base frame without modules (HxLxW): 211 x 96,5 x 96,5 cm.
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