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Soft Foam Dice

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The Soft Foam Dice from our range guarantee great fun in kindergarten, in the classroom and everywhere else where a bit of luck is required for the right number. With our Soft Foam Dice you make it easier for children to use numbers in a playful way and at the same time increase the joy of (learning) play.

  1. Volley® ELE Würfel
    Volley® ELE Würfel
    Soon available again
  2. Volley® Movement Dice
    Volley® Movement Dice
    Immediately available
  3. 6 Colour Dice
    6 Colour Dice
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  4. Foam Material Dice 30x30x30 cm
    Foam Material Dice 30x30x30 cm
    Immediately available
  5. Soft Dice
    Soft Dice
    Immediately available
  6. tanga sports® PU Soft Dice
    tanga sports® PU Soft Dice
    Immediately available
  7. SUPER MINI PU Soft Dice
    SUPER MINI PU Soft Dice
    Immediately available

9 Items

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Soft Foam Dice - fun to play in large format

Soft Foam Dice, or Soft Foam Dices, are light and easy to grip even for small children's hands. This makes dice not only an exciting affair, but also an exuberant pleasure. And if you want, you can land the big throw with your foot.

Soft Foam Dice are available in different colors, sizes and materials. Soft Foam Dices are also suitable for all ages, which is why they are available in different edge lengths and requirement profiles.

Convey and challenge with Soft Foam Dice

A cube, consisting of 6 equal areas, which contains a lot of tension, promotes and trains mathematical and strategic thinking, social behavior and motor training.

In addition, it brings movement into play. Thus, dice games for gymnastics lessons and rhythmic units in schools and kindergartens, for therapeutic purposes and during coaching have been discovered. It therefore also serves to improve physical dexterity. Nowadays, social skills are mostly left behind. When rolling dice in connection with movement and skill games, empathy and leadership skills are encouraged at an early stage. Soft Foam Dices are suitable for all ages. Therefore, they are available in different edge lengths and requirement profiles.

The Soft Foam Dice can be used for countless activity games of all ages. Young children love crawling behind, but they need stimuli and goals. A colorfully printed fabric cube gives children the natural drive to chase, grab and throw. Three different types of movement and eye-hand coordination are trained and trained with a single Soft Foam Dice. Due to the padding inside there is little risk of injury and great fun is guaranteed.

Soft Foam Dices can enrich movement units

Due to the angular shape, Soft Foam Dice have an irregular jumping behavior, so that the reaction and flexibility improve more and more. No matter if eye or color cubes, Soft Foam Dices are ideal for warm-up games at the beginning of a gymnastics class. Dice football is always well received by the participants. With an eye cube you can play great reaction games in which as many children form a chain as there are eyes on the cube. Skill games are also a welcome challenge. Depending on the number of dice rolled, only as many parts of the body may be in contact with the ground. Elimination games not only promote the positive expansion of frustration tolerance, but also mean that not all students or kindergarten children leave the gym at the same time.

Material and texture of the Soft Foam Dice

Larger seat cubes but also mini cubes are filled with a special foam (polyurethane), which due to its low weight is even used in space travel. This material is extremely robust, has a high level of dimensional stability and therefore leads to a long service life. Not only the foam is made of polyurethane, but also the coating. That is why the dice are washable and easy to disinfect.

Buying a game cube with the special foam definitely pays off, since it has only a few air pockets and is therefore almost indestructible. Enjoyment of the game is guaranteed for several years. In addition, the Soft Foam Dice can be bought individually or in a set, and different colors also offer several options for games and exercises.