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Light Soccer Balls

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The Light Balls are light footballs for the football professionals of tomorrow! With our light balls, your methodology and technique training will be child's play. You will find various high-quality & light footballs from well-known brands and manufacturers, such as Erima or Derbystar. Discover the right game ball or youth football for your next training session.

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Large selection of high quality & light footballs

What is light football needed for?

Light balls (also called light balls) are special, weight-reduced light footballs for the play of children and adolescents, who are often used as children's footballs, children's balls, youth football, indoor football, futsal or training balls. A light soccer ball should guarantee a methodical introduction to soccer ball and its powers due to its texture (the bladder) and surface, whereby it is fun for every team in every age group. Especially the (first) training sessions in the headball game can take place more pain-reducing and more effectively due to the light footballs. While a conventional football weighs around 410-450 grams, a light football with 350 or 290 g is much lighter and therefore easier to play. The recommendations for size (size, size) and weight differ in part from the regional associations.


Lightballs - What weight do I need?

The following table will help you find the right soccer ball with the right size for the next game:


Lightballs / Children's Soccer balls

Age  Youth Ball Size Ball Weight
U7 Bambini /G 3 (4 Exception) 290 g
U9 F 3 (4 Exception ) 290 g
U11 E 4 (5 Exception ) 350 g
U13 D 4 (5 Exception ) 350 g
from U15 C / B / A 5 410-450 g


Buying a light football

In our shop you will find a large selection of different light footballs from strong brands or manufacturers, such as Adidas, Molten or Derbystar. If, contrary to expectations, you do not find what you are looking for or you are looking for a special lightball or children's ball or game ball with a certain surface, then do not hesitate to contact us by phone or online. In our range you will also find the right ball pump for light footballs, as well as other accessories.