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We offer high quality indoor soccer balls for a perfect indoor soccer experience. In our online shop you will not only find indoor soccer balls in different sizes, but also different characteristics and designs. Discover our wide range of indoor soccer balls now!

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Hight quality and robust indoor soccer balls from Kübler Sport

What is indoor soccer?

Indoor soccer is the equivalent in the indoor area to soccer on the field outside. However, there are two major differences that distinguish indoor soccer from field soccer. Indoor football, as the name suggests, is played indoors and on a smaller pitch. In addition, there is a smaller number of players than field football. In addition, the playing area in indoor soccer is often limited by a board. Indoor soccer is mainly practiced by youth teams (especially during the winter break) or by field soccer players out of season or in winter and there are also real indoor tournaments where, for example, entire city championships are held. Indoor football is also a popular ball sport in school sports. Incidentally, the indoor soccer variant officially recognized by FIFA and the DFB is called futsal, for which there is futsal ball. There are official rules for the hall area and professional teams. For example, there is a precise offside rule, a referee or a penalty spot. Indoor soccer is particularly characterized by the fact that it is a fast game with many tricks and dribbles. The playing time also differs from an outdoor soccer game. Because women and men play in indoor soccer tournaments and according to indoor rules in a playing time of 2x 20 minutes. In the youth field, 10 or 7 minutes are usually played per half of the season. In addition, the goalkeeper stands in a handball goal or a goal that has the dimensions or meters of a handball goal.


What kind of soccer balls can be used for indoor football?

For playing in the hall and thus on a harder surface or indoor parquet, the indoor soccer balls should have a reduced jumping behaviour. Unlike futsal, the size and weight of the game ball must correspond to size 5 used in men's professional sports. Our balls all have a reduced jumping behaviour, as well as the following excellent characteristics:

  • Great flight stability
  • Good play & bounce behaviour
  • High-quality
  • Robust

Buying and indoor soccer ball

Most indoor soccer ball surfaces are made of a special felt. The felt layer reduces the bounce of the indoor soccer balls compared to conventional balls. The play balls and also the training balls from Kübler Sport impress with their high abrasion resistance and a soft surface. With these indoor soccer balls, every soccer player converts a free kick into goals in an indoor tournament. Buy the right ball with a perfect surface made of a layer of felt for your soccer game at an indoor soccer tournament.