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With us you will find a large selection of different beach soccer balls that provide the perfect barefoot kick on the beach, in the park or as a leisure ball for a soccer game on the lawn at home. In our online shop you can also buy the official Beach Soccer Ball of the German Beach Soccer Association, with which you have optimal conditions for a free kick or throw into the opposing field at beach soccer.

High quality beach soccer balls for the perfect barefoot kick in the sand

What is beach soccer?

Beach soccer is a variation of soccer. As the name suggests, it is played on a beach. The sport is becoming more and more popular and the world association Beach Soccer Worldwide organizes numerous tournaments. There are even world soccer championships every two years and German championships every year. Beach soccer originated in the coastal regions of Brazil.


How do you play beach soccer?

There are fixed rules in which two teams play with five field players each and the teams play three periods of 12 minutes each. The game is characterized by speed. This is maintained by the 4-second rule when executing standard situations. The referee pauses these four seconds openly on a report. The goalkeeper is allowed to pick up the ball by hand, even if the goalkeeper gets the ball from his own player. However, this action may only be carried out once per ball possession in a team. When kicking off, all players in the opposing team must be at least 5 meters away from the ball. Fall backs are also allowed at the beach soccer. The fouled player must always take a free kick. The opposing team must not block the way to the goal and thus e.g. no wall can be formed. The game on the beach is characterized by an increasing popularity.


Buying a beach soccer ball

Our beach soccer balls or soccer balls have a special foamed surface or outer skin and are therefore perfectly suitable for the barefoot kick on sand, in the park or on the meadow. This outer skin feels very soft and the bladder of the ball is still well inflated. No water absorption takes place in the bladder and outer skin of the Beach Soccer Ball. We can also recommend our Kübler Sport Beach Soccer Ball as a leisure ball for children and adolescents who are looking for a ball that is not so hard, but with its jumping and flying properties still corresponds to normal football. For official beach soccer matches and tournaments we have the Molten VGB 500 BG in our range, the official ball of the German Beach Soccer Association. The Beach Soccer balls come in different weights and sizes. In addition, the Beach Soccer balls appear in fluorescent colors so that the players can distinguish the balls from the surface within a few seconds.

Discover our extensive range of beach soccer balls now and order your suitable beach soccer ball for beach soccer easily online. The Beach Soccer balls are particularly characterized by their soft surface, which does not absorb water. The soccer ball is not only suitable for a beach soccer game on sandy ground, but also the ball is ideal as a leisure ball.

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