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Tag Rugby & Flag Football Set
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No matter whether in rugby game or in rugby training - a rugby ball in this sport or in this sport must be robust and resilient and be equipped with great playing characteristics. In our assortment you will find great training balls or balls for leisure as well as game balls that comply with the official competition regulations (competition ball). Our rugby balls are suitable for use in clubs, schools, leisure or tournaments and come from great brands. Now choose the right rugby ball in great colors and order it easily in our shop.

Buy rugged & hard-wearing high quality rugby balls

What do rugby balls look like?

Rugby is one of the ball sports. A rugby ball is immediately recognizable by its shape. The elliptical shape of a rugby ball is characteristic of the rugby ball. A rugby ball must have good grip and optimal playing characteristics, since the rugby player needs ideal control when passing and catching. For this reason, some rugby balls have a special rubber coating (rubber surface), through this surface (rubber surface) the game balls or training balls have an even better grip. The rugby ball is available in different sizes. The following sizes are available:

  • Size 3: for children up to 8 years
  • Size 4: for children aged 8-13 years
  • Size 5: teenagers & adults

Rugby ball is sometimes mistaken for football. The football is pointed at the ends, while rugby ball has an elliptical shape. The football is slightly smaller and heavier than the rugby ball and usually has a white seam on one side.

Buying a rugby ball

The rugby balls in our range are all characterized by the following properties and advantages:

  • Weatherproof material
  • Partial size, scope & weight according to regulations in competition (match ball or competition ball)
  • Large selection of training balls and play balls (made of high quality materials
  • Made of high quality materials (synthetic leather with polyester laminates)
  • Available in different sizes, sizes and weights (many options)
  • good grip due to very good grip
  • Rubber surface for even more grip or grip
  • Hand sewn
  • For every floor or floor covering
  • Optimal elliptical shape
  • In great & durable colors
  • Robust & resilient
  • Durable & hard-wearing
  • Printed (advertising balls)
  • From well-known brands
  • Great prices and great deals

Understand rugby: these are the rules in a rugby game

Rugby is a contact sport in which two teams fight fairly and respectfully for ball and space. Two teams try to bring an (oval) ball to the opposing painting field (area at the head end of the field) by carrying and passing it on and to put it down or to prevent an opposing attempt. Any success (placing the ball in the opposing field). is given points. Rugby is one of to the oldest ball games still practiced in the world. In its competitive forms, rugby is a form-fitting team sport that is subject to strict regulations. We have put together a brief overview of the other most important rules:

  • Each team has 15 players
  • Playing time: 2x 40 minutes
  • Successful attempts to place the ball in the opposing field are rewarded with 5 points
  • Then there is a chance to increase by kicking the rugby ball between the two paint poles and over the crossbar of the H-shaped goal (2 points)
  • Conversion from a penalty kick: 3 points
  • A rugby ball may only be thrown to the side or to the back
  • How to play: The rugby ball may only be played with the foot forward or carried forward under the arm

Order the right hand-sewn rugby ball now at an affordable top price for this fast sport or sport that requires a lot of responsiveness (more than in other ball sports such as football). With us you have many options for many different articles for your club!

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