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The team sport prellball is not only for school sports, senior sports or professional sports, but the prellball game is also a lot of fun. In our assortment you will find a large selection of high quality prellballs with great playing properties. Our prellball balls from well-known brands, such as drones, meet the requirements of every player, whether it is a recreational player or a professional player!

High quality prellball balls with great playing properties

What is prellball?

Prellball is a team sport and ball sport in the hall. This sport is one of the setback games. It is also one of the gymnastics games. Prellball is organized by the German Gymnastics Association (DTB) and is played in all age groups by girls, young women and men at championships up to the German championships, in tournaments and cup games. Prellball has a popular stand in Germany. There is also a German Prellball Bundesliga. The prellball game originated from gymnastics when a gymnast used the ball to practice gymnastics. Prellball is strongly based on the volleyball game and its rules. However, the playing field with the dimensions of 8 meters x 16 meters (rectangle shape) is somewhat smaller in size than a volleyball court. The playing field is also divided in the middle or on the center line by a 5 cm wide net or a line (at a height of 40 cm from the floor), which divides the field into two halves. In the prellball game, two teams with four players play against each other. The goal or task (as in volleyball) is to hit or shoot the ball towards the opponent in such a way that the balls bounce on the floor in such a way that the opponent can no longer play the prellball. The ball is played by the players with their fists or forearms and a prellball may only touch the ground once after each player contact in the turn and must be bounced again after the third touch at the latest. The prellball game gets its name from the way that the prellball is bounced over the net or the line with the fist or forearm. The net or the leash must not be touched by players, not even when accepting or specifying. With every mistake in a turn in this ball sport the opposing team receives a point (good point) and has the right to serve. The playing time is 2 x 10 minutes. In the end, the team with the most

What does a prellball look like?

A prellball consists of leather and a closed half-shell system. The prellball has a weight of 320g to 380g and a circumference of 62 cm to 68 cm. In the youth area, a lighter ball with a weight of 260g to 300g is used. A prellball for the competition or a tournament must be approved by the DTB and conform to the competition.

Buying a prellball

Our prellballs stand out among others characterized by the following properties:

  • Very abrasion-resistant & robust
  • Durable
  • High quality materials (leather or natural leather)
  • Self-polishing with a special bumper carcass
  • Suitable for all teams (men, women & youth)
  • Approved for competition by the DTB
  • Colored through
  • Different colors
  • Great game features e.g. when bouncing on the forearm or bouncing in the opposite field
  • Bounces well

Convince yourself and your teammates of the high quality and great playing properties of our prellballs and have fun with the balls in training, competition or in your free time!

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