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Dunlop® PRO PADEL Ball
Dunlop® PRO PADEL Ball
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Paddle tennis is a setback game derived from tennis. With us you will find a large selection of different paddle tennis balls, which are characterized by high quality and great playing properties.

Durable paddle tennis balls with great playing properties

What is paddle tennis?

Paddle tennis is a game of racket derived from the sport of tennis or a racquet sport, a mixture of tennis and squash and is also a lot of fun for a tennis player. In contrast to tennis, in paddle tennis the size of the field is smaller and it is played with short plastic rackets with no string. The field has largely the field markings that are used in the single tennis game. In addition, the side walls (often glass walls) of the field border or the entire field size are included in the paddle tennis game and the paddle tennis balls can bounce off the glass walls or side walls. A paddle tennis court, like a squash court, is completely bordered by walls (e.g. made of glass). In the middle, the playing field is separated by a net (center net) with a height of 88 cm and a width or length of 10 meters between two posts. Paddle tennis can be played on a field made of concrete, artificial turf or on a synthetic surface and is always played in doubles (two players per team). The counting method is almost completely identical to tennis. The point sequence in this way of counting is 15, 30, 40 and with the fourth point the game is won if this happens with two points in advantage. The rules allow it or the rules make it possible for the paddle tennis balls to bounce off the glass walls and hit the field. A special feature is that the paddle tennis ball has to hit the opposing service field after the service without touching the edge of the net or any other area of the opposing half. If the paddle tennis ball does not hit the service field, the opposing team receives the point. The right to serve changes after each serve. When changing the ball, it is important that the paddle tennis ball hits the opposing player's field before it touches the walls or bounces off them. In the paddle tennis game there are many more rules and tactical considerations. In Spain, Argentina, South America and France, paddle tennis sport is much more common than in Germany. In Germany, however, paddle tennis has become increasingly popular for years. Paddle tennis courts already exist in many tennis clubs and in addition to many tennis courts in Germany and the construction of a field is planned for the next few years.

What do I need for paddle tennis?

In addition to a compliant playing field, you need a racket (paddle with holes) without stringing and paddle tennis balls. A paddle tennis racket has no stringing and the core is usually made of foam with a plastic skin. The club can have an unlimited number of holes in the area of the central face. The holes have a diameter between 9 and 13 mm.

What do paddle tennis balls look like?

Paddle tennis balls are practically identical to tennis balls. Paddle tennis balls are the same size as tennis balls, but with a lower air pressure. Due to the lower air pressure of the paddle tennis balls, the balls are somewhat slower than tennis balls. The paddle tennis balls have a spherical shape, are made of rubber and have a uniform color (either money or white). The balls should have a diameter between 6.35 and 6.67 cm and a weight between 56 and 59.4 grams. When hitting a hard floor from a height of 2.54 meters, the paddle tennis ball must have a jumping force of 135-145 cm. Paddle tennis balls for the competition or a tournament must be recognized by the FEP (Federación Español de Pádel).

Buying paddle tennis balls

The paddle tennis balls in our range are characterized by characterized by the following properties:

  • High quality of the ball core
  • Resistant, synthetic felt for longer durability
  • Ideal for training, school, competition or leisure
  • Robust
  • Approved for competitions or a tournament (compliant with the Spanish Paddle Federation)
  • Great feel for the ball & optimal playing characteristics
  • Great price-performance ratio

Our paddle tennis balls meet the requirements of every paddle tennis player in training in a club, in leisure time or in competition. Discover our large selection of high-quality paddle tennis balls now and order the balls easily online. In addition to the paddle tennis balls, you will also find any accessories for the paddle tennis game, such as a center net, a racket or a paddle tennis court. With paddle tennis you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun and this racquet sport is a real possibility next to a tennis game on a tennis court!

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