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tanga sports® Ball for Hockey/Intercrosse
tanga sports® Ball for Hockey/Intercrosse
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There are several variants in hockey. There is indoor hockey, field hockey or street hockey and we have the right hockey ball for all these types of hockey. In our shop you will find a large selection of different high-quality hockey balls (every type of ball) from well-known manufacturers or brands with great playing properties and optimal ball control. These hockey balls are suitable for every hockey player!

Buy hockey balls with great playing characteristics

What kind of hockey balls are there?

Basically, one can differentiate hockey balls according to their location or purpose and the type of game or sport of the hockey player. This results in the following distinction:

  • Hockey balls for indoor hockey (e.g. floorball): In the hall or sports hall, hockey is often referred to as floorball or floorball. The hockey ball for floorball or indoor hockey (weight 160 g) must stand out clearly from the playing field or floor and therefore appears in bright, bright colors. In addition, the hockey balls are not jumping and should slide well over the hall floor or be playable. A hole ball is usually used as a hockey ball in floorball. This special hockey ball is perforated (has small holes) and is particularly hard-wearing. In our shop you will find IFF certified floor balls with holes (weight 23 g). Both types of hockey balls are made of PVC plastic.
  • Hockey balls for field hockey (field hockey ball): A field hockey ball also does not jump and is spherical. The hockey ball (weight 160 g) is made of soft plastic, which is flexible and has embedded knobs. The core of the hockey ball for field hockey is hollow. In addition, the hockey balls for field hockey cope well with the conditions in the outdoor area, such as damp grass.
  • Hockey balls for street hockey: For use in street hockey we have hockey balls with a special surface. The surface of these balls has an AGS construction, which leads to a non-jumping property of the hockey balls on the street. The hockey balls are filled with a gel filling and are characterized by optimal ball contact and great flight characteristics. This hockey ball is also made of PVC plastic and has a smooth surface. The ball copes very well with the conditions on the road (hard asphalt).

All types of hockey balls are available in our shop not only as a training ball, but also in a version for competition as a game ball (in accordance with DHB competition, e.g. in scope). You will also find various pucks in our range.

Buying a hockey ball

The hockey balls in our shop are characterized by characterized by the following properties:

  • Durable PVC plastic balls & can also be used outdoors
  • Perfect aerodynamics of the plastic balls
  • Good visibility
  • Optimal flight characteristics and playing characteristics
  • Long durability or the balls are very durable
  • Also available as competitive balls
  • Different types of balls available
  • With or without knobs
  • Clearly visible colors in the field, also in the outdoor area

Discover our hockey balls from well-known manufacturers in high quality and benefit from the great playing properties of the balls when playing in training or competition (in accordance with DHB competition) in the club, at school or in your free time. In addition to a floorball ball or pucks, you will also find suitable rackets here. Order the products or articles conveniently online and benefit from a low price and fast delivery of the products!

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