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You can buy fistballs from us for any purpose and location. In our range you will find both fistball balls for the competition or tournament (official game ball, DFBL & IFA approved) as well as fistballs for training. Our fistballs stand out above all through great playing characteristics & high quality. Discover our balls from well-known manufacturers, such as drones, and easily order the right fistball online in our shop! With these fistballs a perfect pass is possible.

Robust and high quality fistball balls

What is fistball?

It is a classic sport. Fistball is a setback game in which two teams play against each other on the field. Similar to volleyball, the field at the center line is separated by a net-like band or line and is therefore divided into two half fields. Depending on the age group, the net or line or ribbon is stretched between two posts at different heights. Each team consists of five players who play fistball with one arm (forearm) or with a fist. They try to hit, play or hit the fistball on the field so that the opposing team or the opponent can no longer reach or continue to play the fistball in their field on the next turn. This game idea is very similar to the game idea in volleyball. The fistball may jump on the ground once before each touch or before each turn and every indication by a player. There are also mistakes. A mistake is, for example, if a player touches the tape during an attack. The opponent or the opposing team receives a point for a mistake. The winner of the fist ball is the team that won 2 sets or 3 sets during the game or achieved the most good balls during the game. Fistball is a seasonal sport and is played both indoors (indoor season, field size 40 x 20 m), and also as field fistball (field size 50 x 20 m). The game operation in Germany for fistball is divided into men, women and youth. There is a German Fistball League, a Bundesliga for fistball with German championships, so to speak. Germany has also been World Cup record winner in fistball for many years. Higher level competitions besides the Bundesliga such as World Championships (WM) or European Championships (EM) are then organized by the International Fistball Association (IFA).

How is a fistball constructed?

A fistball is hollow, filled with air and the surface of the fistball is made of leather or plastic. It is important that the fistball is always inflated evenly round and tight. All of our fistballs can be used in the hall as well as on hard or grass pitches. The leather fist balls are available in weight guides for youth, women and men. The official weights of a ball for fistball for the different age groups (in years) are:

  • Weight of a fistball in women & adolescents: weight of the ball between 320 and 350 g
  • Weight of a fistball for men: weight between 350 and 380 g

A fistball must have a circumference of 65-68 cm and an air pressure between 0.55 and 0.70 bar. This makes the fistball as "hard" as a soccer ball (0.6-0.7 bar) and harder than a volleyball (0.29-0.32). The official fistball competition is made of leather. Compared to a women's fistball ball, the weight of the ball in the youth area is reduced again.

Buying a fistball

All fistballs in our range are characterized by by the following advantages:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Robust
  • Complies with the official regulations of the DFBL and IFA (competitive)
  • Great game features when playing with the fist or forearm
  • Ball can be used immediately with full bounce without break-in time
  • Suitable for lawn, hard court or in the hall (suitable for indoor & outdoor, indoor season & field season)
  • Great bounce
  • longevity
  • Waterproof or water-repellent
  • Modern & durable latex bladder that keeps its shape with every punch with your fist
  • High quality materials

With us every fistball player will find the right fistball ball. No matter whether for training in the club or the competition or the tournament or championship on the court, our fistballs from well-known brands such as drones score with every player (professional player and recreational players).

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