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In our shop you will find a large selection of robust and durable American football balls in the best quality and with optimal grip. We offer american football balls in various materials for American football. Discover the right American football now and order conveniently online.

Robust & high-quality American Football balls

What is American Football?

American football, or short football, is a ball sport originating in the USA. American football is known as a very complex and form-fitting sport. Despite being a tactically challenging game with lots of rules, American football is the number one sport in America, mainly due to its gripping games and often spectacular moves. Germany's popularity of American football has continued to increase over the past year, which is not only due to the big event of the Super Bowl. there are different leagues in American football, as well as a football season with official results. One of the most famous teams from England is the New England Patriots. In America, the professional league in the American Football National Football League or NFL for short. The NFL consists of 32 teams.

How do you play American Football?

The basic idea of American football is to gain as much space as possible through individual moves or to minimize the space gain of the opponent. The goal is to get the egg-shaped American Football Ball to the opposite end of the field to score. To do this, the team in charge of the ball (offense) must advance a fixed distance of 10 yards (approx. 9.14 meters) within four attempts (downs). If this succeeds, the team receives four new attempts or points for the next 10 yards. This is repeated until an American football player brings the football ball into the end zone (touchdown). If the offense does not manage to overcome the distance, the possession changes. Space gain is achieved by running or passes or with the help of a forward pass. There are hardly any restrictions to stop the American football player carrying the ball. Of the 11 players on a team in American Football, each player has a specific task (e.g. the role of quarterback), which are not presented here. A kick off occurs at the beginning of each half and after each touchdown. The ball is carried from the own 35 yard line through the kicker towards the opponent. If the ball goes through the opposing end zone or if the ball is celebrated in the end zone (the returner goes to the knee), then it is a touchback. After a touchback, the offense begins on its own 25 yard line.

What kind of American Football balls are there?

The American Football Ball is also called Pigskin (English for pigskin) and is the game device in American football. The football has an egg-shaped shape with pointed ends and consists of four brown pieces, which can either be made of leather, rubber or plastic. There are also (especially for the youth area) American football balls, which consist of specially processed plastic pieces with knobs and are called tackled football. The tackified balls can be caught particularly well due to their grip. In high leagues, such as the National Football League, the use of real leather football balls is mandatory. American football is single-coloured and either has two white markings on the seam on one half of the football or continuous rings instead of stripes. In our shop you have a wide range of football balls in different colours and different materials at attractive prices.

Characteristics of an American Football ball

For game operations e.g. in the German Football League, the ball is standardized according to the NCAA. The regulations for the football ball are the following

  • Weight: 396.9 g to 425.2 g (14 to 15 ounces) when dry, which is slightly lighter than a classic soccer ball
  • Longitude: 70.5 cm to 72.5 cm, which is similar to the size of a football
  • Length: 27.5 cm to 29 cm
  • Transverse circumference: 52.7 cm to 54 cm
  • American football pressure: 0.86 atm to 0.93 atm

We have a large selection of soft foam balls to American football balls from Wilson in accordance with competition standards. All balls are characterized by optimal hold and very good durability. The football balls in our shop are available in different materials and sizes.

Which sizes of American Football balls are available?

The sizes of an American football are adapted to the age of the players. American football has the following sizes:

  • Official: official game ball
  • Mini
  • Junior

What is flag football?

Flag Football is a modified form of American football game and is particularly suitable for very good for school sports. The rules of flag football differ mainly in that the defence does not stop the offense player with a tackle. Instead, a defender pulls one of the two flags that each player carries from his belt. Your own flag may not be defended with a ball or hand. Play is either

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