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Soft Touch Handball Balls

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Discover our large selection of soft touch handballs for beginners, children's or for fun in your free time. Our soft touch handballs are characterized by a soft surface of a foam ball and are still super handy when thrown in the game. Discover our large selection of soft touch balls in various colors and sizes. Find soft touch handballs from well-known brands such as Kempa, Select, Erima or Hummel for children's handball or handball in schools.

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Super soft and robust soft touch handballs with perfect match characteristics

Soft touch handballs in handball trainings

Children or beginners in particular have respect for the ball in handball when they first try handball. A soft touch handball makes it easier for you to get started with handball and allows you to gain positive experience in handball the first time you try to play. The super-soft and stretchy surface made of PU soft foam of the soft touch handballs has a high challenge character, which is why this foam ball or softball is also suitable for team games or games with children or for injury-free use on the break area or in leisure time. Despite the soft surface, the soft touch handballs are very handy and easy to grip, which is why they have optimal playing properties and ensure that the foam ball is easily thrown. Different sizes and hardnesses of the soft touch handballs can be set as required by different air pressure. With soft touch handballs you can play different forms of training, but also a classic handball games. For example, you can play with balls instead of classic handball goals, on floorball goals. Soft touch handballs are particularly suitable for children's handball, but these foam balls are also very often used to introduce other sports. You can order the soft touch handballs in different colors.


Buying soft touch handballs

All of our soft touch handballs are characterized as follows:

  • Free of toxic ingredients
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • The hardness or softness of the ball is variable
  • Great bouncing characteristics
  • Non-slip surface
  • Super-soft, but very robust outer skin

Discover our large selection of soft touch handballs from brands or manufacturers, such as Kempa, Select, Hummel or Erima, and order conveniently online. Benefit from the pleasant soft foam material of the PU foam balls in handball training of clubs and schools with children, beginners and in the field of youth! But these PU balls are also ideal for recreational sports with, for example, the youth.