Soft Touch Basketball Balls

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tanga sports® PU Softball Basketball
tanga sports® PU Softball Basketball
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Soft touch basketballs are ideal balls for basketball training in schools, clubs or in your free time. These soft touch basketballs are particularly suitable for beginners and children. We offer a large selection of soft touch basketballs that include have very good jumping and bouncing behavior as well as a pleasant feeling on the ball.

Robust & high quality soft touch basketballs with a great grip

Why do I need a soft touch basketball?

Soft touch balls take the fear away from beginners and children in ball sports like basketball or soccer. They can be introduced to ball sports with the soft touch balls without fear and at the same time gain positive experiences when they try to play for the first time. Later the soft touch balls help to train different playing techniques. In addition, the soft touch balls reduce the risk of injury and also inventory in sports halls, such as Windows or doors are spared. The soft touch basketballs are available in different designs. For example, you will find soft touch balls with us, which correspond to a classic game ball in basketball in their surface design.


Buying a soft touch basketball

The soft touch basketballs in our range have very good jumping characteristics. Good jumping characteristics mean that soft touch basketballs bounces back towards the player and do not just fall on the ground. This characteristic is particularly important in basketball. Our soft touch basketballs also have the following advantages:

  • Hygienically washable
  • Robust
  • Good grip
  • Soft surface that conveys a pleasant feeling on the ball
  • Very good bounce behaviour

Buy the right soft touch basketball now. Our soft touch basketballs are particularly ideal for basketball training in kindergartens, schools, clubs, but also for playing fun in your free time.

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