Balancing- and Climbing Park Element Swing

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Balancing- and Climbing Park Element Swing

The climbing and balancing devices are suitable for playgrounds, schoolyards, daycare and many other recreational facilities. The visually appealing devices made from planed, core separated and pressure-impregnated wood can both be installed individually or combined to great adventure landscapes together.


- Post shoes and galvanized chains on all moving parts ensure a long lifetime

- The drop height is always under 60 cm, so that no additional impact protection is required. As underground lawn is sufficient

- Suitable for children over 4 years

- For fixation in concrete foundations

- Incl. detailed structural and assembly instructions
The wooden playground devices are available as Safari trail (item no. S4168) with the 5 elements chain bridge, wobbly bridge, monkey swing, climbing wall and triangle mesh.

The following stations are also as single elements available:

- Station Hanging rope (item no. S4170)

- Station Monkey swing (item no. S4171)

- Station Swinging steps (item no. S4172)

- Station Bouncy balance beam (item no. S4173)

- Station Balancing act bridge (item no. S4174)

- Station Wobbly bridge (item no. S4175)

- Station Jungle bridge (item no. S4176)

- Station Roll bar (item no. S4177)

- Station Ladder bridge (item no. S4178)

- Station Suspension Bridge (item no. S4179)

- Station Adventure Bridge (item no. S4180)

- Station Balance beam (item no. S4181)

- Station Climbing wall (item no. S4182)

- Station Chain bridge (item no. S4183)

As connection or foot bridge from device to device there is a special element (item no. S4185) or a triangle network (item no. S4184) available!

The playground equipment in according to the DIN EN 1176.
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