Bänfer® Vaulting Table ST-4 EXCLUSIVE Microswing


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Bänfer® Vaulting Table ST-4 EXCLUSIVE Microswing

The ST-4 stainless vaulting table has an infinitely height-adjustable, solid column construction of 100 - 140 cm, which ensures a safe stand of the unit. The height adjustment takes place via a foot pedal and makes the operation simple, fast and safe. The ST-4 diving table is designed with a special Microswing design, which reduces the force of the heads in the hand support phases and prevents the danger of microtrauma,

Product features:
- Bänfer® vaulting table ST-4 Exclusive Microswing
- Stepless, hydraulic height adjustment from 100 - 140 cm via foot pedal
- Microswing equipment to reduce power peaks
- Please order the protective padding (item G8716) separately

The jumping table replaces the jumping horse in competitions in the art world. It has a larger impression area, a suspension and a forward-drawn up padding to protect the gymnasts.

Vaulting tables and accessories for all requirements:
In the Kübler Sport® Online Shop we offer jumping tables for all requirements. In addition to the FIG-certified competition jumping tables of the Spieth brand (item G8725), you will find other equipment for training as well as for children and adolescents. Order suitable accessories such as the hand safety mat (item G3679) or the runway roll mat (art. G8740).
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