Bänfer® Ring Frame EXCLUSIVE FIG-certified


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Bänfer® Ring Frame EXCLUSIVE FIG-certified

The FIG certified Bänfer® ring frame Exclusive Microswing fulfils all requirements for gymnastics at the rings. The double clamping can be easily operated with special quick-release clamps and reduces counter-vibrations. The Microswing system reduces the stress on the gymnastics.
Product features:
- Bänfer® ring stand Exclusive Microswing
- FIG certified
- Microswing system for stress reduction for gymnasts
- Double bracing to avoid counter-vibrations
- Steel sheathed steel cables, including rings
- Quick release
- Separable into handy transportable individual elements
- Weight: approx. 80 kg
- Suitable for training and competition
The forces occurring during swing phases are reduced by the special ring suspension. For this purpose, spring and damping elements are incorporated into the ring head, which are precisely matched to one another in order to prevent counter vibrations. The damping elements in the ring head serve to reduce stress on the athletes and help to avoid injuries.
Ring frames and accessories:
Ring framework, bracing, rings, mats, ceiling suspension and other products for rinsing can be found in the Kübler Sport® Online Shop. The SPIETH ring frame Berlin is available under item number G3490.
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