Automotive Sprinkler for Large Sized Areas

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Automotive Sprinkler for Large Sized Areas

Irrigation systems and sprinklers for sports facilities are now an indispensable prerequisite for the care of green areas.

Our large-area sprinkler offers high comfort through easy handling and its "independence".

With four equal-sized, wide plastic wheels and its plastic chassis, our sprinkler ensures easy handling. The infinitely variable working speed of 10 to 20 km per hour guarantees individual irrigation as required and condition of the lawn area of sports facilities, tree schools and horticulture.
Multiuse: The part circle sprinkler allows the operator to define the area to be irrigated. For example irrigation right or left of the sprinkler cart or any sector of a circle can be achieved. Variable waterflo: Through the infinite speed regulation the waterflow can be adjusted to suit each application. Uniform water distribution: The precise distribution of the ZE sprinkler and the constant speed of the RollcarT-V guarantees an ideal water distribution. Maintenance free: The sealed gears have a very low friction factor and are therefore practically maintenance free. Convenience: The compact self contained design makes work with the RollcarT-V mere child's play. Lawn friendly: Using a part circle sprinkler the RollcarT-V always travels on dry lawn.
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Package length
77 cm
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45 cm
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36 cm
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