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Shot Put Toe Board made of fiberglass
Shot Put Toe Board made of fiberglass
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Shot put, discus throw and hammer throw not only require a lot of strength, but also agility, coordination skills and speed. The decisive factor for the success of the experiment is the discharge, which takes place from the shot put ring or disc ring. At Kübler Sport you will find various ejection rings for installing discus, hammer and ball for training and competition.

What are throwing circles in athletics?

The throwing disciplines shot put, discus throw or hammer throw have in common, despite the different technology, that a round throw or kick ring is thrown out or pushed. The respective throwing device must then land within a defined sector so that a distance can be measured. The launcher must not touch the top of the throwing circle during his attempt and must remain inside the throwing circle. For the shot put, a kick bar is attached to the front, which must not be stepped on and only touched from the inside. After the throw or kick, the athlete must leave the throwing circle to the rear, only then can the attempt be given as valid.

This shot-put circle, discus circle or hammer throw circle consists of a circular band iron, steel or aluminium ring (circular ring), the upper edge of which is level with the surrounding floor. The inside of the throwing circle is 20 mm (± 6mm) deeper than the top edge of the throwing circle and must be made of a flat and firm, non-slippery material. Mostly concrete, cement or asphalt is used for this. Grippy wood is often used in the hall or for mobile, degradable rings because it is significantly lighter than concrete. The lining inside the throwing circle must be at least 6 mm thick.

What is the difference between shot put throwing circle and discus throwing circle?

The same material is usually used for shot put throwing circle, hammer throwing circle and discus throwing circle (circular ring made of steel, aluminium or iron and floor made of concrete or wood). The height of the inner edge of the throwing circle (20 mm) is also the same. However, the throwing circle must have a different inner diameter depending on the discipline. For shot put and hammer throwing, the inner diameter from one inner edge to the other must be 2.135 meters, for discus throwing, however, the throwing circle may have an inner diameter of 2.50 m. While most athletics facilities and stadiums have their own facility for shot put, a discus ring can also easily be used for hammer throwing: In order to reduce the hammer throwing ring to the correct size, there are suitable insert rings that are placed in the discus ring. This is particularly useful because both hammers and disks can only be thrown out of a protective net.

Buying the right shot-put throwing circle or discus throwing circle

At Kübler Sport you will find different throwing rings for concreting in both sizes for shot put and discus throwing. We offer you variants made of hot-dip galvanized aluminium with and without struts or with IAAF certification, which are then concreted in on site. For this purpose, the circular ring is first placed in the ground and then the covering (concrete, cement, asphalt) is poured in and smoothed out. Alternatively, you can also find professionally manufactured prefabricated elements from a concrete slab with an aluminium ring in both ring sizes, which are anchored in the floor. These offer the advantage of an optimally smoothed concrete surface that is neither too dull nor too smooth. For the shot put you will also find the right kick bars in our range. You can also find insert segments to make your disc ring suitable for hammer throwing.

When choosing a shot-put ring or discus ring made of concrete, you should first decide whether you want to use a ready-made concrete ring that only has to be assembled or your circular ring is cast in concrete on site. A durable concrete surface that offers good conditions for discus and hammer throwing or shot put is complicated to manufacture and consists of concrete with a special grain. Therefore, it usually makes sense to either place on a finished concrete slab or to commission a competent company to set it in concrete. Local construction companies, on the other hand, usually do not have the necessary expertise. Our Kübler Sport service and assembly team has great experience and the necessary specialist knowledge to professionally concrete your shot put throwing circle or discus throwing circle on site and also to lay the necessary drainage and inspection shafts etc.

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