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To protect everyone involved, the throwing and shot put system must be surrounded by a safety net or throwing cage when throwing a hammer and discus. At Kübler Sport you will find discus nets and hammer throwing nets in various designs for training and competitions, as well as other accessories for your throwing and shot put system.

Why a Safety Net or a Throwing Cage?

In the case of hammer throwing and discus throwing, the throwing ring must be surrounded by a safety net that protects spectators, competitors and judges from throwing devices thrown too early or too late. This can happen quickly due to the rotary movement carried out. So that nobody is hit by a hammer or disc, the disc net or hammer throw net must be so stable that it can easily intercept the throwing device.

What must a hammer or discus net be able to do?

A discus network for competitions must be able to stop a 2kg discus flying at up to 25 m / s and be processed in such a way that the throwing device cannot bounce back to the thrower. The discus network is attached to stable metal posts, which are arranged in a mostly U-shaped floor plan. The height must be at least 4 meters for competitions, simpler constructions may be sufficient for throw-off systems on training grounds or secondary pitches. It is important that the disc network is at least 3 meters away from the discharge ring.

For the hammer throw, the safety net or grid must be able to stop a 7.26kg hammer flying at up to 32m / s. The network must be at least 7m high in the rear part of the system and at least 10m high in the foremost network fields. For the hammer throw, two movable wing parts must be attached to the front of the net, one of which is swiveled in depending on the direction of rotation of the launcher. The entire network construction must be at least 3.50 meters from the ring in the rear part. Also with the hammer throw it applies that simpler constructions can be sufficient for facilities on secondary places or training places.

Buying hammer throwing and discus nets

At Kübler Sport you can get high quality discus nets and hammer throwing nets made of sturdy polypropylene, which meet the respective requirements of the IAAF, but also small nets for training and secondary places. Of course, you will also find the suitable aluminum posts for hanging from us. We offer both free-standing posts and versions in ground sleeves. An additional fastening unit with pulling ropes for each post is recommended, so that the discus net or hammer throw net can be pulled up as needed and lowered again when not in use. Sandbags or weight plates, which you can also get from us, can be used to weigh down the net on the floor. For competitions in the discus and hammer throw, just as with shot put, a sector must be marked. You will also find the necessary marking tape and angles for fastening in the lawn in our range.

Perfectly equipped for all throwing disciplines

In our assortment you will also find the javelin release bow necessary for the javelin throw and shot put mats for the hall. In addition, we also offer you all other components of a disc, hammer or shot put system as well as for the javelin throw. Of course, you will also receive the appropriate throwing devices from us for the respective discipline.

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