Rounders & Ball Throwing

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Rounders and throwing balls are the classic throwing devices in children's athletics and at the federal youth games and are also used to practice throwing techniques. At Kübler Sport you get robust and durable rounders and throwing balls with different weights made of leather, foam rubber or plastic for throwing balls in clubs and school sports.

The entry into the throwing disciplines: Rounders & Ball Throwing

Throwing a ball is a classic discipline in children's and youth athletics as well as the federal youth games and in the field of children's athletics the first throwing discipline that children learn. The ball throwing is then replaced by shot put and javelin throw in the older years and should also prepare the children for this. Children up to the age of 11 throw 80g balls, the 12- to 15-year-olds throw a 200g ball or throw ball. Heavier rounders  and impact balls are also used to learn the throwing techniques e.g. of the javelin throw also used in older vintages.

What is rounders?

A ball weighs approx. 80 g and is mostly sewn from leather. It is also the game equipment used by the team sports club. Batting is the forerunner of baseball, which is why the batting rules are similar to baseball and burning ball: the batting team tries to bring their runners back and forth to the run, the field team occupies the rectangular inside of the field and tries to pick up the balls hit with a batting stick or to catch and to throw off the running rackets or to drive them over the borders of the running field or to throw the striking ball back to the sling to prevent the opponent from scoring. The positions of the teams change when a ball is caught, a runner is thrown or leaves the field.

Striking ball used to be a very popular sport, which is rarely played or practiced regularly today.

How do you throw a ball?

When throwing the ball, the ball must be thrown as far as possible. throwing should be as straight as possible since the width is read perpendicular to the measuring tape. It is not measured to the centimetre, but rounded down to the next half meter. The striking ball technique corresponds to the technique of javelin throwing, the ball is thrown with an outstretched arm. The length of the start-up is not prescribed; usually, similar to the last five to seven start-up steps for the spear, the start is from a position perpendicular to the discharge line.

The thrower cannot take a run-up in team sports, but has to throw from a standing position.

Buying rounders and other balls

At Kübler Sport you can get inexpensive bats, rounders and throwing sticks made of different materials and weights. Our hard-wearing leather bats are available in the official weights of 80g and 200g. The balls are barely jumping and therefore also suitable for throwing in the sports hall. Our foam rubber rounders are also available in both weight variants and are suitable for the sports hall. In addition to the official weights for long range throwing, our plastic balls are also available in other weight variants, which, among other things, correspond to the weights of a spear and are therefore ideally suited for technical training in spear throwing. For further throwing exercises and for throwing training, Kübler Sport also offers rubber throwing sticks with which, for example, the hand position can be practiced when throwing. Our 30-piece ball-throwing school set with practical storage net is ideal for basic equipment for throwing and hitting balls for schools or clubs.

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