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High Jump Crossbars

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The high jump crossbar is the decisive part of a high jump system: if it stays lying down, the attempt is valid, if it drops, the jumper has to jump again or is even eliminated. Whether for competition or training, beginners or professionals, at Kübler Sport you will find high jump crossbar for every need.

  1. Kübler Sport® Crossbar
    Kübler Sport® Crossbar
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  2. Getra® Fiberglass Crossbar
    Getra® Fiberglass Crossbar
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  3. Getra® Polyester Crossbar
    Getra® Polyester Crossbar
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  4. Kübler Sport® High jump set
    Kübler Sport® High jump set
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  5. Elastic Cord 4 m
    Elastic Cord 4 m
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  6. Elastic rubber cord
    Elastic rubber cord
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  7. Braided hemp cord
    Braided hemp cord
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  8. Crossbar Pads
    Crossbar Pads
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  9. Zacharias Crossbar BEGINNER
    Zacharias Crossbar BEGINNER
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High jump crossbars for professional high jump systems

Flighting high during high jump

The high jump is about crossing the highest possible high jump crossbar using the body's own jumping power. The following applies: the technique used to jump is of secondary importance, it only has to be jumped off with one leg. In the meantime, the Fosbury flop has prevailed, where you start in a curve and when you jump you turn so that you cross the bar with your back first.

High jump crossbars at Kübler Sport

High jump crossbars mostly consist of fiberglass or a similar material. The end pieces are exempt from the prescribed circular cross-section and, according to IWR, can take three permissible shapes and have a flat contact surface. The length of the slat is 4.00 m (+ - 2 cm), the diameter is 30 mm (+ - 1 mm). The spring bar may weigh a maximum of 2 kg. At Kübler Sport you will find robust and durable IAAF-certified spring slats made of fiberglass and polyester with low deflection for competition. In our range you will also find a large selection of jump lines and battens for high jump training in clubs and school sports. Zacharias slats consist of a film tube that is attached to the jump stand with rubber rings and tear-off bars. Training with the Zachariaslatte is harmless and thus prevents beginners from being inhibited in learning for fear of an injury. Our rubber jump lines and magic cords serve the same purpose. The elastic cord is attached between the stands and rotates when a jumper lands on it. For advanced users, we also offer foam slat cushions that are attached to a regular slat. Our high jump set consisting of a pair of jump stands, a Zacharias staff and a spring staff is ideal for school and training.

Accessories for your high jump system

The other components of a high jump system such as high jump cushions, jump stands, slatted frames and covers, as well as accessories for the high jump in the hall are also available from us. Of course, you will also find other accessories for high jump systems and competitions such as scoreboards, judges' flags and height measuring sticks in our range around all athletics disciplines.