High-quality run-up tracks and run-up marker in various lengths and thicknesses, for flexible run-up designs. Order easily online!

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For long or high jumps and long throws, a good run-up is essential, because only then the body or the throwing device can be accelerated optimally. Kübler Sport offers you high-quality run-up marker & run-up tracks in various lengths and strengths and start squares for flexible run-up design for training and competitions, even outside a stadium.

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Nothing works without Run-Up Tracks & Marker

The run-up is a fundamental part of almost every technical discipline in athletics. No matter if javelin throw, high jump, long jump, pole vault or triple jump, the run-up enables the athlete to accelerate to the right running speed for an optimal jump or throw. This results in better power and energy transmission, which means that the jump or throw can reach a greater width or height.

How long is a run-up?

The length of the run-up varies from athlete to athlete depending on how fast the athlete accelerates and how long his stride is: some athletes have a relatively short run-up, others need a longer distance to reach the right speed. The length of the run-up can be measured either with a tape measure or with feet or spear lengths.

The international competition rules stipulate minimum dimensions and lengths for the run-up track for the individual disciplines:

  • High jump run-up: 16x15m or 16x25m (international events)
  • Pole vault run-up: at least 40m, if conditions allow, 45m better
  • Long jump run-up: at least 40m, if conditions allow 45m better
  • Triple jump run-up: at least 40m, if conditions allow 45m better
  • Javelin run-up: at least 30m, or 33.50m (international events) and if conditions allow 36.50m

Buy the right run-up track & run-up marker

At Kübler Sport you can get Regupol run-up made of PU / rubber composite material for temporary or permanent installation on outdoor sports facilities. The surface is non-slip, water-permeable and weatherproof and also suitable for spikes from a thickness of 12mm. The Regupol membranes are available as single rolls for loose laying as well as for gluing on asphalt or concrete. Individual lengths are also possible. In order to mark the exact starting point of the start-up, start-up marks are used, the version made of colored steel is available from us. You will also find weatherproof and non-slip tarnish squares made of PU / rubber composite material on 1x1m. These are ideal as training aids for all disciplines in which a defined sequence of steps has to be learned. With the starting squares, such as in the high jump, predetermined and practiced until they are automated.