Large selection of swimming goggles for the competitive swimmer and the recreational swimmer. Benefit from: high quality, top prices & fast delivery.

Swimming Goggles

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Swimming goggles are among the must-haves in swimming sports for the products that every professional swimmer or competition swimmer, but also many recreational swimmers, need. With us you will find a large selection of different high-quality swimming goggles for children and adults. We also have swimming goggles that comply with the official FINA regulations and can therefore be used in competitions. Discover the right swimming goggles with high wearing comfort at a great price and order the product from well-known brands, such as Speedo, easily online in our shop!

  1. Beco® Swimming Googles Sealife
    Beco® Swimming Googles Sealife
    Immediately available
  2. Beco® Goggles Boston Mirror
    Beco® Goggles Boston Mirror
    Immediately available
  3. Frogglez® Swimming Goggles
    Frogglez® Swimming Goggles
    Only a few left in stock
  4. Goggles Basic for Kids
    Goggles Basic for Kids
    Immediately available
  5. Beco® Goggles Goa
    Beco® Goggles Goa
    Immediately available
  6. Malmsten Swedish Goggles
    Malmsten Swedish Goggles
    Immediately available
  7. Beco® Goggles Atlanta
    Beco® Goggles Atlanta
    Immediately available
  8. Beco® Goggles Acapulco
    Beco® Goggles Acapulco
    Immediately available
  9. Beco® Goggles Lima
    Beco® Goggles Lima
    Immediately available
  10. Beco® Goggles Macao
    Beco® Goggles Macao
    Immediately available
  11. Beco® Professional Goggles Boston
    Beco® Professional Goggles Boston
    Only a few left in stock
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Robust & high quality swimming goggles for competitive swimmers and recreational swimmers

Swimming goggles for a clear view

Swimming goggles reliably protect your eyes from chlorine and salt water in the arena. In addition, wearing swimming goggles provides a clear view when swimming in the water. Kübler Sport offers swimming goggles for children, adults, recreational swimmers and sports goggles for competitive athletes. With the help of swimming goggles, children's eyes are protected from direct water contact during the first swimming course. Swimming goggles can thus contribute to the fear-free handling of the element water. The jump or start jump from the pool edge with subsequent 25-meter swimming, as well as the retrieval of a diving ring from chest-deep water for the swimming badge seahorse are only a few swimming pool visits away with the help of swimming goggles. In leisure time and for training sessions, functionality, comfort and wearing comfort (good fit for every face shape and head size) and durability are the most important characteristics of swimming goggles. In competition, on the other hand, optimal adjustment of the swimming goggles and low water resistance are important. Triathletes or open water swimmers also appreciate a large field of vision for better orientation, as well as the good protection of the eyes or eye sockets from the water due to, among other things. from a high-quality silicone rim of the swimming goggles. Turning buoys and targets are easier to target in triathlon, especially in open water (open water swimming). From the corner of the eye, the position on the right and left can be observed at least to some extent. In addition, our swimming goggles are characterized by an anti-fog layer on the lenses, which means that the goggles never fog up. It is not only an anti-fog layer, but also a special protection against UV rays on the glasses. Through these properties you always have an optimal field of vision, even with high water resistance or high UV radiation on the water. Our swimming goggles not only optimally protect every eye socket, but also impress with their great colors and comfortable wearing thanks to a high-quality headband.


Buying swimming goggles

Our swimming goggles (each model of swimming goggles) are characterized by the following advantages and properties:


  • Best view in all lighting conditions and in every arena
  • Robust and durable
  • Resilient
  • Anti-fog coating on the lenses (due to this coating, the lenses or lenses never fog up)
  • High comfort when worn
  • Very good fit (perfect fit for every face shape and head size)
  • Available in different sizes
  • Models with great colors
  • Durable silicone headband on every model
  • The silicone border does not let water into the diving mask or behind the glasses or eye cups of the glasses
  • Special tinting of the glasses of the diving goggles or swimming goggles for a good view in different lighting conditions (protection against UV rays)
  • From well-known brands, such as Speedo
  • For every prescription of the eye
  • Deep eye cups


Swimming goggles vs. Diving masks or swimming mask

Swimming goggles are primarily suitable for use on the water surface. When crawling or swimming in the breast, the glasses of the glasses protect the eyes during the short immersion phases in the water. In addition to transparent swimming goggles glasses, you will also find swimming goggles with mirrored glasses and high-quality silicone rim in our shop. The Beco® swimming goggles Boston Mirror, for example, have mirrored mirror polycarbonate lenses and impress with their unique design. Swimming goggles are in the design of Swedish goggles. This means that the glasses are connected to each other via a narrow nose bridge. This bridge enables you to breathe through your nose while swimming. This leads among other things to ensure that no water gets into the respiratory system when swimming backwards. In addition, the resistance of the water with Swedish goggles is lower than with a swimming mask. In contrast to diving masks or swimming masks, swimming goggles do not offer pressure compensation. Therefore swimming goggles are recommended for dives up to a maximum of 2 meters. If you are unsure about choosing the right swimming goggles or if you have any further questions about buying your swimming goggles or swimming masks, we will be happy to provide you with expert advice. Always keep an eye on things - even under water.