High-quality fins for diving, swimming & snorkeling. We offer you a wide range in our online shop. We also have suitable fins for children. Order easily online!


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With us you will find fins for children and adults, for swimming training in school or clubs, for snorkeling and diving on vacation. With our fins you can move easily and quickly in the water. We offer a large selection of different models & sizes of fins for adults or children. Discover the right fin now and order easily online.

  1. tanga sports® Swim Fins TanGa
    tanga sports® Swim Fins TanGa
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  2. Short fins
    Short fins
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  3. Beco® Universal Swim Fin DX 1.0
    Beco® Universal Swim Fin DX 1.0
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  4. Beco® Pro Swim Fin DX 3.0
    Beco® Pro Swim Fin DX 3.0
    Immediately available
  5. Finis® Monofin RAPID
    Finis® Monofin RAPID
    Immediately available
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High-Quality and robust fins for a comfortable swimming experience

Fins- What are the advantages?

Fins are universally applicable and have a supporting function when swimming, snorkeling and diving. With fins you can swim and dive faster. In addition, fins help beginners to feel the water resistance better and to learn the swimming technique or different swimming styles. The swim fins enlarge the feet of the swimmers and the propulsion surface of the feet, which is why there is better propulsion by the legs and a great leg strike. In addition, fins are very helpful in swimming training such as crawling and butterfly technology. Swimming fins and diving fins are of course also used as snorkel fins.


What types of fins are there?

A basic distinction is made between the duo fins and the monofins. The duo fins designate two fins with a rubber foot section and a fin blade. The two feet are in separate fins. In the case of monofins, both feet are in two rubber foot parts, which are connected to each other by a large fin blade. Thus, only synchronous movements can be carried out with the monofins. In addition, a distinction is made between fins based on the structure of their fin sheet. There are two types:

  • Closed fins: This flipper is reminiscent of a shoe and is the conventional variant of fins. You wear these fins barefoot and when buying a closed flipper you should note that the foot part of the flipper is close to the foot. This type of fins is particularly suitable for swimming training with beginners.
  • Open fins: As the name suggests, the flippers on the heel are open. This means that the booties on the back or the flipper on the heel is open and the foot is held over a band. Thanks to the adjustable heel strap, the fins can be individually adjusted to the foot, making them extremely comfortable to wear. You do not wear these types of fins barefoot, but you have to wear special (neoprene) shoes.

Buying fins for swimming

When buying flippers, you should pay particular attention to the following aspects depending on their purpose:

  • Size: The foot part of the flippers should always fit snugly on the foot. Regarding the size of the fin blade, the larger the blade, the more water is displaced and the faster the speed of movement in the water. Very long fins are often used when diving, because these fins are faster when diving. For children, you should buy flippers that have a particularly small floating sheet.
  • Hardness: The same applies to hardness: the harder the fin blades are, the higher the water propulsion. However, with harder fin blades, you need more effort to move. Harder flippers are therefore particularly suitable for professional swimmers or divers due to their effectiveness in water displacement.
  • Weight: The lighter a fin is, the less force you need when moving with the swim fin.

Buy a monofin and feel like a mermaid

The shape of the monofin consists of only one fin blade and is also used for butterfly swimming, cross-country and deep diving, and above all for apnea diving. With the help of the monofin, sprint speeds of up to 3 to 4 m / s can be achieved. You can now glide through the water like a fish with our monofins.

Apnea fins for quick swimming and diving

In their shape, apnea fins are long, narrow swimming fins that have a large fleet leaf. Compared to normal swim fins, such as equipment fins, the large blade of the swim fin creates greater propulsion for the divers. As a result, the improved propulsion of the swim fin leads to less oxygen consumption by the diver and faster movement in the arena. You can also use these fins well in training in open waters.


Swimming training with short fins

With the short fins, swimmers create new training stimuli. Due to the improved drive of the legs, the arms are also challenged. The usual coordination is broken and higher swimming speeds are achieved. For these reasons, we recommend the short fins especially for swimming training.


Fins at Kübler Sport

We offer you a wide range of different models and sizes of flippers. Our range includes: following products:

  • Fins for training
  • Universal fins
  • Short fins
  • Monofins
  • Mermaids Fins

All of our swim fins are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Resistant material
  • High wearing comfort with optimal water position with the swimming fins or diving fins
  • Durable
  • Resistant material (also against chlorine & after many years of use)

Discover now our large selection of different swim fins, fins for breast swimming, snorkel fins or diving fins, with which you have perfect conditions with optimal comfort in the next training, competition or snorkeling on vacation.