Spitzner® Therm Fango-Paraffin, 10 kg

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Schnell schmelzend und hoch elastisch

A further important component of the physiotherapy is the use of Fango. The use of healing earth or mineral mud is not only for wellness use but also for physiotherapy. There is the classical use with Spitznertherm Fango-Paraffin or the use of mud packages and heat carrier.
The usage of Spitznertherm healing moor stimulates the circulation, reliefs pain and relaxes musculature and connective tissue.


- Anwendung: In zerkleinerter Form dem Erwärmungsgerät zufügen
- Schnell schmelzend und hoch elastisch
- Lange Wärmehaltung und hervorragend modellierbar
- Qualitativ hochwertiges Fango-Paraffin
- VPE: 10 kg in 10 Tafeln a 1 kg
The Spitznertherm Fango-Paraffin is fast melting and elastic. It can be easy modelled and adapted to the patient's body. The Fango mass provides a high resting comfort and stores heat a long time.
The healing earth is crushed and fed to the Fango agitator, then heated. Afterwards the medicinal mud is spent over the outlet tap.
The mass is consisting of natural and high-quality natural materials.
- Fast melting and high elastic
- Long-term thermal-heat
- High quality Fango Paraffin
- Unit: 10x 1 kg plate
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Package width
21.5 cm
Package height
21.5 cm
Package length
27.5 cm
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