Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS-Soft Landing Mat


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Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS-Soft Landing Mat

The SPIETH® Combi mat, Just for Kids, combines the advantages of a soft floor mat and a low-rise mat. The mat is perfectly matched to mini-bar, mini-ring stand, mini-bar, mini bar and the rebounder.
Product features:
- SPIETH® combi mat, Just for Kids
- For use with Just for Kids devices
- Size: 300 x 135 x 18 cm
- With zipper
- Hygienic and washable PVC cover
- Colour Blue
- Weight: 11 kg
The jfk series has been specially designed for children's needs. The dimensions of the soft landing mats are adapted to the "just for kids" gymnastics and are recommended as accessories. Of course, the mat can also be used as a gymnastic mat for many further applications in the sports hall. ym mats in a wide selection at Kübler Sport
In the Kübler Sport® Online Shop you will find many sports mats for all requirements. We can advise you on the selection, whether it is a gymnastic mat with ledge, soft bottom, low-cut mat, fall protection mat for children, country mat or comb.
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