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Playing at a tabletop soccer table, or table football table, foosball table, foosball box or just kicker is not only a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time, it is also a great sporting exercise that also improves concentration. That is why there are also official associations such as the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), which organizes national and international tournaments and world championships and thus helps tabletop soccer table players to play a professional sport. We offer some great variations in our range to be able to offer the perfect tabletop soccer table for municipalities, schools, clubs, but also for catering and for private use.

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Tabletop soccer tables for every purpose

What kind of Tabletop soccer tables are there?

There are many differences in Tabletop soccer tables in terms of quality, equipment and the resulting price. Models for professionals have to be particularly stable, but in public spaces very robust tables with a coin slot are required that can withstand everyday use for years. And it is not uncommon for a Tabletop soccer table to be set up outdoors, which is why there are also weatherproof table Tabletop soccer tables. For the hobby player or for the break room in the company, however, a simple Tabletop soccer table that can withstand normal loads is often sufficient. A basic distinction is made between tournament tables, training Tabletop soccer tables, Tabletop soccer tables for public institutions and Tabletop soccer tables for private use.

There are big differences in the equipment, for example, there are the telescopic poles as solid poles as well as hollow poles and kicker figures made of wood or plastic. There are also different sizes, weights and colors, so everything in turn has an impact on the playing characteristics. So there is a suitable model for every kicker friend.

However, all Tabletop soccer tables have a high level of stability, robust material, non-slip player rods, goal counters for both teams, 22 foosball figures and a stable playing surface.

Are professional Tabletop soccer tables only for clubs and commercial use?

Even if professional Tabletop soccer tables are mainly used by schools, clubs or in the catering trade, there is nothing to be said against purchasing a higher quality model privately. This makes sense if there is enough space, there is regular kicking and it is used mainly by adults. Hobby table football is usually sufficient for children, because the high stability of professional tables is usually not necessary. In addition, there are multifunction tables for hobby players that can be folded down and enable other games such as air hockey, mini table tennis or board games.

How do I find the right Tabletop soccer table?

To find the right Tabletop soccer table, it is first of all important to know the size and position you need. After all, there should be enough space in the intended location, and a distinction should always be made between indoor and outdoor. Another criterion is the mobility of a Tabletop soccer table. Professional tables such as a tournament table are often very heavy due to their stability, which means that it is no longer possible to move away, whereas hobby tables often offer tilting or rolling functions for easier transport. It is also important to have a flat footprint so that the ball can roll predictably on the pitch and over the raised corners. If you have other specific needs (for example a cup holder, lighting or similar), you need to find out more about the equipment of the respective tables in advance.

How do you properly clean a Tabletop soccer table?

So that the ball can always roll unhindered on the soccer field, it should be spared from dirt. A suitable tarpaulin is suitable for this outside of the seasons. To remove existing dust, normal dusters are recommended. For coarser soiling, a little water and glass cleaner may also be used. However, it is advisable to act quickly, especially with spilled drinks, since many tables are made of wood. In addition, sticky surfaces interfere with table football and prevent the ball from “rolling naturally”.

The rods must also be lubricated regularly so that they can be rotated well in the long run. To counteract oil residues, a mild detergent can be used. After cleaning, the poles should always be rubbed dry before the next football game begins.

Do I need a height-adjustable Tabletop soccer table?

A height-adjustable Tabletop soccer table is particularly suitable if adults and children of various sizes regularly play on it. If you buy a Tabletop soccer table that is to be used in a school or a youth club, a table with height-adjustable legs is definitely worth it.

Which balls for Tabletop soccer tables?

In order to open the game in the first place, the right kicker balls must be available. The first set of balls is included with all models. Foosball balls are small, lightweight plastic balls that are slightly smaller than a table tennis ball. In order to withstand the pressure of the kicker figures that they regularly shoot into the goal, they are extremely robust. When kicking, balls of this type must be explicitly used so that the game can function smoothly. Should a ball ever get lost, it is advisable to always have one or more spare balls on hand. Foosball balls are also available in different colors. Depending on the surface, a gaudier color can be used, so that the contrast between the ball and the playing surface is better.

How much does a Tabletop soccer table weigh and is the weight decisive?

The weight of a Tabletop soccer table depends on its size, width and material. It is therefore a fact that every single Tabletop soccer table has an individual weight. The average weight is between 80 kg and 120 kg. However, there are also models that exceed this weight class. For example, the XXL kicker for 8 people, which has a total weight of 160 kg.

The weight also has an impact on the game behavior in some points. Heavier tables, for example made of solid wood, are often more robust and offer the required stability when playing professionally. The usual standard width is around 70 cm, but can also vary. The tournament dimensions of a Tabletop soccer table are 120 cm long and 70 cm wide, the height varies in the professional area between 80-92 cm.

Can you alluminate a Tabletop soccer table?

A well-lit table is very important because it is not uncommon for football to kick in the evening. Therefore, the table should always be set up in a well-lit place. With hanging lamps, however, it is important to ensure that they do not get in the way of the players bent over the table. In fact, there are also models that have integrated lighting. This enables the players to play in the evenings without losing sight of the field due to the onset of darkness.