Outdoor Fun Dice Set

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Outdoor Fun Dice Set

Outdoor dice game with 16 game figures made of weatherproof, high-quality and robust plastic and a cube of foam. For the game outside in the own garden, in recreation and
hotel parks, spa and sports facilities, swimming pools, educational institutions, break yards, youth hostels, retirement homes etc. Always an attractive, spectator inspiring purchase.

Product features:
- Includes 4 x 4 figures, 1 foam cubes
- Colours red, yellow, green, blue
- Figures about 18 cm Ø, 39 cm high
- 1 cube made of foam, 16 x 16 x 16 cm
- Weatherproof

In order to design an individual playing field outside in the garden or in the courtyard,
the person who has the fastest goal in his or her game is the street calendar
(item U9964) or the spray chalk (item U9965-01ff.). The figures can be filled
with sand to increase the stability.

Other open-air games or outdoor games are a free-ranging game of chess (art. S7201
and S7221) or a garden game (type S7202 and S72229), each available in two
different sizes including the playing field (S7200 and S7220).
4 x 4 pieces, red, yellow, green and black. Approx. 18 cm diameter, 39 cm high. Supplied with one dice.
Product information
Package length
80 cm
Package width
60 cm
Package height
60 cm
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