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The Net Game Mono-Fling can be played alone, in pairs or in groups in kindergarten or in day-care institutions. Several children can play in a circle standing or in a confronting row followed by change of position, over a net or a cord, within a playing field, etc... The ingenuity of educators or the children have no limits in this game.

Product features:

- 2 Mono Fling nets 53 x 25 cm

- Elastic mesh surface of nylon, each 30.5 x 25 cm

- Plastic rods with foam handles

- 2 balls, Ø 7.5 cm, plastic

Fling we recommend for beginners and experienced  mono game players the following products:

- M6501 for beginners

- Good to be seen and easily catchable curly balls item no. M6523.

- Spider Balls with irritating "spider legs" item no. G9434

- Poco ball (comet ball) with long tail item no. S6109.

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