Ball Carrier Maxi

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Ball Carrier Maxi

Platform trailer Maxi for optimum storage of balls and other

The ball Dolly Maxi is the ideal and inexpensive trolley for balls and small appliances. With this ball trolley your sports balls and sports equipment is kept always ideal. You can keep the ball carriage in the equipment room and then easily roll the ball storage cart for use in the sports hall - with its 4 swiveling, smooth-running wheels, the ball car can easily and comfortably travel to the location where you need the balls or sports equipment for your workout or sports lesson. The lid can be opened upwards and can be secured, if necessary, with a padlock. The ball storage cart consists of a close-knit, bright galvanized steel wire construction.

With its dimensions 97 x 74 x 97 cm provides this high volume ball Transporter plenty of space for many sports equipment.

Product details are as follows:

- Dimensions: 97 x 74 x 97 cm
- Capacity up about 250kg
- Frequent steel wire construction
- galvanized
- With hinged lid
- Closed by padlock (not included)
- Movable with 4 swivel castors Ø 100 mm.
- Weight 24kg

The storage trolley brings order to your Sports Facilities

The ball Dolly Maxi is the ideal solution to store your sports equipment. Ideal for schools, kindergartens and clubs. Use only in dry spaces.

Product Details
SKU D1273
Material Steel
Length 97.00 cm
Width 74.00 cm
Height 97.00 cm
Weight 23.00 kg