Assembly & Maintenance

Maintenance, repair and installation of your sport equipment

Regularly we keep an eye on the secureness of our products. We make sure that athletes and coaches can trust on the reliable performance of our products. Moreover the functionality of our products is from major importance. Within our maintenance package we provide you all the aspects who are necessary for a secure and a comprising sports lesson.

Don't wait too long because only a regularly performed maintenance from qualified staff is providing your sport equipment and facilities the necessary secureness and is keeping them in the best condition. Moreover the functionality is from major importance. Within our maintenance package we provide you all the aspects who are necessary for a secure and a comprising sports lesson.

The Kübler-Maintenance-Package

We keep you safe
  • Annual maintenance of your indoor and outdoor sport facilities through qualified staff.

  • Local and direct damage removal.

  • Marking and naming of damaged products.

  • Surrounding repair-service.

  • Information through offers and structured auditor’s reports and certificates.

The situation of your equipment is documented for you in a detailed audit report. In this audit report we name you the safety defects and give an offer how we would repair them for you. Arrange your maintenance and inspection date now – don’t wait too long!

Our performance for your security

Our Kübler Sport maintenance- and service-team will convince you through their quality and advising abilities. Regular scheduled training courses guarantee you a rapid and qualified implementation of the maintenance installation work.

Inspection – as early as possible

It is important to have a regularly scheduled inspection to discover malfunctions of the product as soon as possible.

Maintenance – regularly

To guarantee the highest durability of your equipment you should regularly schedule the maintenance of it.

The repair is necessary

The repair is including all kinds of measurements to remove harms and surrounds the repair or exchange of the product.


Project planning

Set the construction surrounding for fitting devices, large transportable devices, small devices as well as equipping the side rooms, changing rooms and the room of the sports coaches or fitness-rooms.


Implementing the equipment-fitting-plan by calculating all effort and the precautionary measures which are needed for the equipment installation.


AInventing the equipment-installation-plan by determining all the necessary precautions to fit the equipment.


Skilled staff installs the sports equipment in two phases. Pre-assembly: ground sockets, anchor hooks as well as the substructure for walls and roof-devices. Final-maintenance: installation and delivery of the sport equipment.


Annual maintenance schedules to warranty the equipment safety.


We offer to train your coaches and teachers to use securely the sport equipment.

Kübler Sport is your responsible partner for maintenance, repair and assembly. Just give us a call, we are looking forward speaking to you.