High quality equipment and devices to improve balance and coordiation - balance boards, balance pads, aero steps

Balance & Coordination

Balance and coordination: Balance pads, ball pillows and further training equipment for use in prevention training, for rehabilitation purposes and therapy

The training of balance and coordination has become a standard part of every fitness training or senior sports and is highly recommended as therapy training after injuries. Balance and coordination training becomes more and more important for amateur and professional athletes, and similar equipment for coordination training can be found everywhere in therapy and rehabilitation. Proprioceptive training and stabilization training are always part of the basics training of soccer players, basketball players or handball players. By means of unstable surfaces, the proprioceptors get activated. Intrinsic muscles receive a strengthening and the coordination ability between the single muscles will improve as well due to regular balance and coordination training. With the help of a balance pad, ball pillow, balance board, balance rotary and trampoline, reaction, coordination and balance skills will improve as well as the sense of balance and the intrinsic muscles, the so called stabilizing muscles. After injuries, like ruptures of ligaments or ankle and knee joint injuries, the stabilizing muscles should receive a special training. Especially for older people, exercise sessions with balance pads, ball pillows are important, since the stabilizing muscles surround the joints and support the joint with the necessary stability. Swing sticks also strengthen the intrinsic muscles and thus training with the sticks improves posture and the stability of the trunk. The ball pillow Dynair by Togu is available in different sizes and versions. Please find also the special Dynair Togu ball pillow covering in our online shop.

Balance pads, ball pillows and aero steps - Kübler Sport supports your stability workout

Depending on your personal training goal or the therapeutic approach, we have different equipment to improve balance, coordination and the sense of balance. In our online shop in the category balance and coordination you find adequate equipment for your coordination exercise and training or for your fitness course. The fitness- and therapy rotary for example has a hard covering and improves the sense of balance due to tilting movements in all directions. A balance pad is made of foam and improves the proprioceptive skills. With air filled accessories such as ball pillows and aero steps or BOSU you can choose your level of intensity due to the different pressures you give into the device, which makes the surface of the air filled products either softer or harder.

In the following you get a short overview of the products and equipment of our category balance and coordination:

  • Balance pads
  • Ball pillows
  • Balance rotaries
  • Aero steps
  • Balance trainer
  • Trampolines
  • Gym balls
  • Swing sticks