Cardio training and endurance sports: with cardio devices of Kübler Sport you become a real runner!


Cardio training and endurance sports: with cardio equipment of Kübler Sport you will be a real runner!

Cardio, or endurance sports, is not only a leisure sport, endurance sports is also a professional discipline. In leisure sports the aim of endurance sports is to improve the cardiovascular system and thus your personal fitness. In various surveys the constitutional effect of the endurance sports has been proven. For example a regular running training reduces the risk of getting heart attacks considerably. Your metabolism will improve and you boost your immune system. The exercise machine is the most popular and well-known training equipment for cardio training. Easy to handle and without difficult technical devices you can do your workout on the exercise machine no matter what time or day it is. Our exercise machines are for private use and also usable for fitness centres. The ergometer has a precise performance indication and you can choose between different, motivating programs for your workout. You will find Cross trainers and elliptical trainers in our online shop as well. All cardio machines offer a very joint-friendly range of motion and, depending on the model, they are equipped with handle bars. The treadmills are useful equipment for walking and jogging training. Just have a look in our online shop and find your suitable training equipment for your cardio training routine.

Effective cardio training combined with heart rate measurement

Devices for heart rate measurement are necessary accessories for the cardiovascular training routine. During the training heart rate measurements not only show your heart rate, the also give you an overview of your training and your personal fitness. Furthermore you can also use them as a watch.

In the following you get a short summary regarding the main products of our category cardio training:

  • Crosstrainer & elliptical trainer
  • Home trainer
  • Ergometers
  • Treadmills
  • Rowers
  • Heart rate measurement

If you want to buy a home trainer, ergometer or cross trainer and elliptical trainer you should take a close look at the resistance system of the device. Furthermore of course the variety of programs of the training computer is essential. For treadmills not only the computer system is crucial, the size of the running zone and the cushioning is also important. If you need some more information, please do not hesitate contacting us at any time by mail or give us a call.