Soccer ball, Futsal or training ball - your perfekt ball is waiting for you by Kübler Sport - find high-quality soccer balls in our online shop


Soccer: Soccer ball, Futsal or training ball - your perfect ball is waiting for you at Kübler Sport

Soccer or football is the most popular team sport ever. That is also the reason why soccer is called "King football" in Germany. Soccer is attracting millions of people and at official soccer matches, thousands of soccer fans meet in the football stadium to watch the matches and to support their favourite teams. At the World Championships almost every nation of the world takes part and all over the world the soccer fans celebrate big parties. For a few weeks it seems that the whole world is just interested in soccer. The centre of the team sport is of course the soccer ball. Two teams with 11 players each, try to shoot the soccer ball into the goal of the other team within a period of 90 minutes. Action, thrill and a lot of emotions are also part of a good football game. The material and the composition of the ball are crucial characteristics. The soccer ball has to fulfil the following characteristics to be approved and accepted by the FIFA, the World Football Association as a match ball: the soccer ball has to be ball-shaped, made of leather or a similar material. Moreover the soccer ball has to have a size of 68,5 cm and a maximum weight of 410 g. Besides the official soccer balls there are a lot of different soccer balls for diverse purposes. There is for example the Futsal or maybe you need an excellent training ball - in any way Kübler Sport has the appropriate soccer ball for every purpose. In the past, soccer had been played only in the grass or on sports grounds filled with ash. In the meantime, football is played on sports grounds, indoors in the gym, on artificial turf, carpets or in the sands. Due to the different grounds, a lot of new soccer balls had been developed. Kübler Sport has high quality balls from brands like Uhlsport, Adidas, Derbystar, Nike and Molten, for indoor and outdoor purposes and in different sizes, which can also be ordered in sets.

The ball series “Torfabrik” by Adidas is one of our football top sellers. Feel like a professional player, as the Adidas Torfabrik football OMB in size 5 is the official ball of the German 1st and 2nd leagues. Besides the official ball from the UEFA 2016 European championships, the Adidas Beau Jeu OMB, you can also find high quality soccer balls by Nike and Derbystar and many more.

Football: The ball has to be put in the cage!

Soccer ball, the small, round, black and white coloured ball with combs - find the soccer ball in our Kübler Sport online shop. Especially for you, we completed our product range and we offer you a broad range of different soccer balls for your soccer training, match balls for official soccer games and of course balls for different grounds. We have the favourable, high-quality training soccer ball and indoor soccer balls, Futsal and soft balls and official competition soccer balls. We have the adequate ball for every purpose and for every demand and we also provide various sets of balls in different sizes and with different types of balls:

  • hard courts, gras or artificial turf grounds
  • Beach-Soccer
  • Futsal
  • Volley-soccer

Of course we also have the adequate soccer goals, as well as other equipment for your soccer training.

Soccer balls and further accessories for competition purposes meet the requirements of DFB and FIFA.